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Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

We all know about the great epic Ramayan. We have either seen this epic on Television or read this epic. Most of us know Ramayan from our childhood. We refreshed our memories of Ramayan during lockdown. If anybody would have not watched Ramayan episodes earlier, then they got a chance to watch it. We could view both Ramayan and Uttar Ramayan in DD National during lockdown. Ramayan was all about the life of Lord Ram, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Apart from the tale of Ramayan, there are many lessons that we learn from the Hindu epic. I assume that you know the story of Ramayan, so I am going to mention the lessons that we learn from it.

Respect elders and obey parents

Ramayan teaches us to be dutiful towards parents. Ram went for vanvas in order to keep his father, king Dasharath’s promise to queen Kaikeyi. Ram’s step mother Kaikeyi wanted her biological son Bharath to become king of Ayodhya. After knowing this, Ram left for vanvas along with Lakshman and Sita. They obeyed the instruction without showing any grief.

Always remain united with siblings

Ramayan teaches us to remain united with siblings even during the toughest of times. In spite of knowing that vanvas is difficult, Lakshman accompanied Ram for fourteen years. After the death of king Dasharath, Bharath refused to accept the throne. He wanted his brother Ram to be the king of Ayodhya. That’s why he kept waiting for Ram to return from vanvas. During those fourteen years, Bharath had vanvas near Ayodhya. Lakshman and Bharath were great brothers.

Be loyal to your spouse

Being a king, Ram was having the privilege of keeping many queens. But he decided not to marry anyone else in his life. Ram informed this to Sita on the day of their marriage. Ravan abducted Sita in the hope of marrying her. He tried to attract her with his material riches. But she always remained loyal to her husband Ram. That’s why she stayed in Ashok Vatika instead of his palace. Sita never let Ravan succeed in his attempts. Even after the Agni Pariksha, people of Ayodhya had doubts on the character of Sita. Due to this, Lord Ram had to abandon his beloved wife. But he did not marry after that and was loyal to his wife Sita.

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us
Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

Remain committed to your duty

Lord Ram was deeply committed to his duty of being the king of Ayodhya. A king has to keep his subjects happy. It was very difficult for Ram and Sita while separating from each other. But they had to bear this sorrow only for the sake of their duty. Ram had to abandon his wife Sita for the sake of masses. He was dutiful towards his wife. But as a king, he had to think of the wishes of his subjects before his personal desire. Such was the commitment to duty.

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Always choose the path of righteousness

We should always follow the path of righteousness even when it is tough. Vibhishan was the brother of Ravan. But Vibhishan followed the path of righteousness. So, he did not support his brother when he abducted Sita. He knew that his brother had committed a sin by kidnapping a married lady. For this reason, there was quarrel between Ravan and Vibhishan.

Remain humble irrespective of your power

Hanuman was powerful yet he was the devotee of Lord Ram. He was capable of rescuing Sita from Ravan’s Ashok Vatika. He himself could have fought with Ravan’s army and defeated them. But he chose the option of surrendering himself to Lord Ram’s divinity. Hanuman obeyed all the instructions given by Shri Ram.

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us
Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

Never think anyone as inferior

Lord Ram was mighty but he never considered the monkeys as inferior. Shri Ram took the help of monkey army in building the bridge Ram Setu. That was needed in order to reach Lanka for freeing Sita. The monkeys helped him not only in building the bridge but also in the war. They fought against the army of Ravan.

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All that glitters is not gold

Sita got fascinated by a golden deer in the forest. The deer looked extremely beautiful and it was different from other deer. Sita wanted Ram to get the deer from the jungle. Ram and Lakshman told her that the deer may not be real. But she wanted the deer and urged Ram to bring it. Actually that deer was Mareech. He was an associate of Ravan who was disguised as deer. This was an act planned by Ravan for abducting Sita.

Accept everything without any restrictions

We must embrace all irrespective of their colour, caste or creed. Shabri was a poor old woman and was devoted to Lord Ram. She had nothing much to offer him in her hut. But Lord Ram noticed her pure love and happily ate the fruits given by her. He and Lakshman met Shabri on their way to Lanka.

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us
Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

Abandon bad qualities and become pure

Get rid of bad traits like jealousy, lust, anger, greed, desire, hatred, insensitivity, ego, pride and fear. Lord Ram did not have any of these qualities. So, everybody loved him. The masses of Ayodhya became his devotees.

Do not mingle with bad people

Bad association is powerful and it can spoil a good person. Everyone in Ayodhya knew that queen Kaikeyi loved Ram more than her own son Bharath. But Kaikeyi’s association with Manthara made her evil. She told king Dasharath that Bharath must be the king of Ayodhya. And Ram should go to vanvas for fourteen years. Due to this, Bharath was angry on his mother Kaikeyi and did not speak with her during those fourteen years.

Attach yourself to service and not position

Lord Ram was dutiful and obedient to his father, king Dasharath. That’s why he always obeyed the decisions of his father. Lord Ram was willing to be the king of Ayodhya as a service to his father. He also accepted fourteen years of vanvas as a duty towards his father’s decision. Lord Ram had attached himself to the service of king Dasharath. So, he willingly accepted everything.

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us
Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

Get rid of demoniac tendencies in your heart

The mission of life is to defeat all demoniac tendencies arising anywhere. Lord Ram’s purpose of life was to defeat the demons who harmed other people. That mission got completed during his banishment to forest for fourteen years. Ravan was the king of demons and he got defeated because of abducting Sita.

Always stand by the right

Do the right in every situation even if it harms you. Jatayu, the giant bird had integrity. He felt that real success lies in pleasing God. Jatayu lost his life while fighting with Ravan in order to protect Sita. But he achieved his purpose of life to please Lord Ram. When you are standing by the right, then it is better to lose. Instead of winning by not following morality.

Pride leads to loss of intelligence

Ramayan – What the epic teaches us

Ravan was proud and arrogant because of his possessions. He did not listen to what his wife, brothers and sons said. So, he lost everything at the end and the people of Lanka suffered.

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