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Art Of Doing Nothing – It’s The Actual Doing

How many of us let the calm and quiet skin in? the familiar ache saturating your forehead and the temples of your mind is an act of “updating”.

We are boarded with the idea to maximize a unique time frame, to reach the end line of productivity either keeping ourselves away from getting bored or keeping ourselves busy for trying to accomplish something so that the ideas of our thoughts appreciate our creativity even after struggling at the peak time.

The imaginative authority laying principles, frowned upon as incontrovertibly true, rules more than you perceive. The Solitude lasts for long the anguish sets deep and we have no time to think about not doing something at all. Embracing summertime is important.

Spend some time thinking about the calm that can lead you to better sleep or, how can spending more time with your family and friends help you laugh a little more that day. Just like every other person, you might have ideas popping when you’re in the shower or commuting.

Ever thought the reason behind? They are not coincidental. It’s a result of a step back. Why go on to the mainstream ideas of how to be productive, instead let’s have a to-do list to get our mind of the current situation and do nothing at all.

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything.

Art Of Doing Nothing
Art Of Doing Nothing - It's The Actual Doing

Brain Downtime

“Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you are finished” – Leslie Neilson, a Famous actor, comedian, and producer. Flagging the idea of doing something induces the state of mind to nurture the idea of sitting back and relax. Improve your mental health and accept that, at times doing nothing helps improve better.

This area can give the brain it’s downtime. It will help ideas to incubate even more. This is where you can learn with reflection. However, if you reflect without learning, it may seem dangerous. The information overloading our minds every day is keeping us at risk.

The lost art of introspection and Reflection becomes the art of temptation. The temptation to finish off and compete, where the other feeling is often too great to resist. If a hard worker is a smart worker to your mind, it may be taking shelter somewhere while you are forcing it to work.

An industrious mind needs unrelated tasks, to keep it away from fixated solutions, and build up your eureka moments.

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Information Overload

Being busy and being productive are two varied aspects. Even when you visit a cafe with your friends, you are either talking about something you are binge-watching or already glued to the screen. Suffering from information overload is a disease, often referred to as “brain congestion”.

At the time, accept that you don’t know. Keep it in mind that it’s important you learn it sometimes later, you cannot ever know everything all at once. Take time to sync.  Don’t suffer from attaining information. Getting busy what people expect you to do will have no time for yourself.

If need be, take a day off, sit back, relax, and enjoy your day. Make your favorite food, binge on happiness, so much so that the next day when you are back into work, you have something to smile at. Getting creative work done requires an unexpected connection in the brain, an indispensable task of idleness.

It’s not a vice. Keep the focussed mode of your brain at bay. The diffused mode with abundant flunking ideas should get to work. Of course, the modes are switched alternatively, given the botched revels practiced often. You have given yourself a day, treat yourself like never before.

Art Of Doing Nothing
Art Of Doing Nothing - It's The Actual Doing

Dopamine – Your Enemy

Not that we are not occupied with doing anything today. The concept has been taken in as a lack of responsibility and wasting time. The guilt pushing our minds that we have nothing to do also brings on the bus when we are really busy.

Behavior inducing distractions include a constant check on email, even when you are taking time off from your work. In a way, the constant habit stimulates the brain to produce dopamine in the bloodstream.

You try to stop it but you don’t. “there is still so much more to do” – is the never-ending list, keeping you away from taking your much-needed break.

Period of uninterrupted free association and personal growth requires the act of quiet thinking. Your creativity and insights are less likely to emerge if you are burdened with information.

You are not a book of general knowledge or the walking Wikipedia. Yes we know we have people who act like the “search” option of Google, they are constantly keeping the mind busy, have no time to enjoy the if’s and buts of life. Problem demanding information overload needs a better answer.

A dead person is something different, but no other problem is as grave as a dead person lying in your house.

The idea of doing nothing only brings in Boredom. These ideas are closely intertwined. Most of us find it difficult to tolerate instances of loneliness. We only think it to be a prelude to something that may land us in a situation of no productiveness. We start losing imagination and creativity and blame it all on ourselves for not keeping up to date.

This constant pressure acts as a critical resource that pushes us to seek the unfamiliar. The delusional world that cyberspace has given us in a world of hyperactivity keeps us away from being productive. Sad but true. Social media itself is reactive but not original.

The contradiction of creativity and mental health begins with social media calibrating the balance between reflection and action. It requires a psychological burn out else you may soon become a casualty.

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Workplace Information Burdening

An employee is rewarded and supported more when the organization seeks to observe the behavior of manic defense. Such behavior is useful to the organization.

The attitude acts as an element of control. Your company is paying you for the job, if you are not working there are questions raised.

A workaholic environment can Trigger subconscious loosening of the mind, stimulating unconscious thought processes. It contributes to substance abuse, depression relationship breakdown, and low working morale finally leading to employee turnover.

Art Of Doing Nothing - It's The Actual Doing
Art Of Doing Nothing - It's The Actual Doing

Final Thoughts

It has been proven that today’s Western Civilization demands too much in return for two little happiness. This leads us to do worse than to see what we can learn. Those are the forms of Living. The idea of expiration leads to idleness for Greater freedom.

The outcome of doing nothing will not enter your conscious mind immediately. It takes time to incubate. It will only improve your mental health with time, and slack off the stress you are imbibing. You may find Complex issues resolving in a click. Try working intermittently on a problem while you are still attending to mundane activities.

The benefits of tuning out are gaining popularity. Give yourself to mindful meditation. Meditation lets your mind solve the issues. Instead of the stress pushing you to do nothing can be a Bandit solution if you are working man and still striving to do more

Working the least and accomplishing most should be your aim. Burst those bubbles of stress and keep yourself well.

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Papri Chatterjee
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