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Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life


16 Psychological Facts to Make Your Life Easier and Better

There are certain things that are beyond our control, no matter how hard we try.Dig in slightly deeper, and you’ll find that every “unique” brain, functions more or less the same way.

So here we are, making your life a tad bit easier, with these daily hacks.

Let your mojo rule vast and wide!

  1. Choose your music

The type of music you listen to, affects the way you perceive things.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. How to become more likeable

When talking to someone, use their name to make them like you more.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Stalker alert

If you think someone is staring at you, glance in their direction and check the time either on a clock or your wristwatch. If the person does the same, they were staring. How we know that, you ask? Well, checking time is contagious.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life


  1. Know who is on your side

Take a peek at their feet when someone is talking to you. If it is pointed away from you, the person wants the conversation to stop.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Find the closest pairs

When a group of people laugh, people instinctively look at that person in the group they are closest to or want to be closest to.

  1. Know the blurry line

When someone is talking to you and making eye contact 60% of the time, they are bored. If 80% of the time, then they are interested and if 100%, they are angry and are threatening you.

  1. Confidence is the key

Brilliance and Intelligence is confusing for many people. If you know what you are doing, people will automatically rally behind you.

  1. How to get people do some of your chores

To make a friend, hold your stuff. Keep talking to them on some other topic while handing them the stuff. They will hold it, because they are paying attention to your talk. Some might get confused too.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Keep a few secrets

If you announce your goals to other people, you are less likely to succeed. Studies have confirmed that you lose your motivation if you tell everyone what you wish to achieve in life.

  1. How to score on your first date or meeting

People will never remember what you said, but will always remember how you made them feel. So if you are on your first date, go to some place adventurous. You date will associate that thrill with you.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Don’t prick someone’s bubble

People have a certain image of themselves. If you attack their self-image, you will be the instant object of dislike.

  1. Give a choice, but not exactly

Give choice, where you think the other person has certain amount of control, but not in entirety. For example; give a child a choice of whether he or she will like the milk flavoured or plain. This way you have won their heart too and kept yourself in some position of control too.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Life Lessons

Smarter people underestimate themselves. Ignorant people think they are brilliant.

Sherlock wallpaper

  1. Why some women date less

Women with higher IQs have a harder time finding a mate suitable. However, you need not bring yourself down for anyone. You will find a soulmate who understands and admires you the way you are.

  1. Stop Humming an irritating song

If you can’t stop humming a song,sing its ending paragraph, you will stop humming the song as well.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

  1. Shutting Bullies Up

If someone is cracking a joke about you in a group, pretend not to hear it and ask them to repeat. Then stop them mid-way for looking at a text or checking your phone. Apologise, and ask them to repeat. The joke is no longer funny for the third time and no one in the group will laugh.

Psychological Tricks to Help Sail You In Life

So pop it, lock it and polka dot it. These facts and tricks will help you get the pressure off your back and, in style.


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Rashi srivastava
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