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Is it possible to lose weight by drinking protein shakes instead of 2 meals daily?

Protein shakes are excellent if you are looking to gain muscle after an exercise. It is easy to consume and hence, you can have it whenever and wherever you want. Although two protein shakes a day will help you lose weight significantly, it is not recommended in the long run. Protein shakes definitely cap your calories to a certain extent. However, you might have to stick to whole foods when you think from your health perspective. If you are sticking to such a diet, it is highly recommended that you choose the shakes depending upon your fitness goals.

The Advantages of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are available easily in your gym or any other health store. Also, you can make your own protein shake by mixing liquids with protein powder to enhance the nutritive value and taste. Generally, there will be 20 grams of protein present in a typical serving. It is recommended to avoid shakes that are meant for bodybuilding, as they have a high amount of calories in them. As per a study conducted back in 2013, it was observed that there were significant results in weight loss over a period of 3 weeks.

Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking proteins will curb your hunger and when you are on a protein rich diet, the metabolism of your body goes up, thereby increasing your weight loss while decreasing your appetite. Hormones that increase the hunger are also suppressed when protein is consumed.

Although the amount of protein in protein shakes is really high, it does not have an impact as significant as whole foods. The advantage of having whole foods is that, it comprises of other nutrients that are essential for the human body. It is highly recommended that you use them as occasional replacement for your meals.

Effective Post Workout

When you are undergoing strength training or endurance workout sessions, proteins help you recover faster. Your performance will improve greatly over a period of time and your lean muscle mass levels in the body are maintained. Also, you will have to make sure that your pre-workout and post-workout supplements should not have over 200 calories in them, as it will result in an increase in your calorie intake. You can drink it with low fat milk or blend a scoop with skimmed milk for good taste.

Constituents of Protein Shakes

As per the tests conducted previously, it was found that ready to drink protein shakes have high levels of heavy metals and when it is used daily, the contamination in human body increases and as a result, it might pose to be a health risk. Your diet should comprise of essential nutrients, so that it meets your daily dietary requirements. It should not exceed the recommended calorie intake, so that you achieve your goal faster. Although protein shakes help you lose weight faster, it is best recommended that you have whole foods whenever possible instead of proteins.  


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