A smile

I have never thought I will do anything like this. I feel like I am going against my own principles. I am sure once I am done with it, I am gonna die with guilt. Oh! I always do this, before starting a story I never remember to introduce the main character I just keep talking and talking none of use. First a heartful thank you to all you readers out for starting to read it and please if at any point you found it boring please continue for I am sure this boring fiction can get you a nice sleep. So, I am Kamakshi Gupta and you are going to read my story. I am an entrepreneur running my own company; yes I know business and story writing are not related to each other at all. It’s just my work is my passion and this is my hobby. Each and every word you will be reading is purely real. It actually took me years to earn this courage and finally here I am doing it. I am the most introvert girl you could ever find around you and the boring of all as well.

It was 1st march when I took this beautiful turn in my life. The turn people warned me for they thought it could be the biggest mistake one can ever make that too intentionally but yes I did it. I proudly accept I did it, for I was not forced to do so I did it all by myself. And honestly even today I never regret for it. But all thanks to my introvert nature which make people realise that I am guilty. I never understand why silence of a person is considered as a crime mean person could be in deep thoughts. See, again I started talking to myself actually I am the most favourite person of mine and I can happily talk to me for years, yes not just hours or months but years, I am in so much love with me. Please don’t get take me as selfish person for I am sure till the end of this story you will realise that in actual I am not it’s just my life revolve around me only.

I clearly remember the day, date and even time when I first saw her. She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, yes I said her thing no that’s not the wrong grammar but her beauty was far away from being the person in real. If you would see her ever you will yourself realise that even angels stand nowhere around her. Her dark complexion, dusty hands and legs, face completely covered with mud all were nothing to her beautiful smile. I bet it is the most beautiful smile you could have ever seen around yourself. Her eyes were the way to her heart; her smile was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. I was completely mesmerised in her beauty lost myself forever I guess. Little did I know that she is going to be the most precious gift I could ever receive.

I was so much lost on seeing her that instead of going to her and talk to her, I started conversation with her in my mind only, even though after few minutes she was nowhere around me. Yes at times I am this much dumb. It was 3rd march, Thursday exact 12:44 PM when I first saw her. She was coming back from somewhere may be, till date I do not know where she was back from. But being lost in my thoughts I lost her sight as well. I made every possible effort to get her sight again but she was nowhere to be seen. It was first time when i cursed myself for being such dumb. It was like I lost a part of my heart, yes you can say her smile made me fall in love with her at very first sight. I clearly remember it was for the first time I did this. I skipped an important meeting of mine for her sight, just to see her. I visited the same place regularly for a week waited there for her for hours but she was nowhere to be seen. The feeling was like my world turned upside down. Little did I know what was there for me in near future.

Finally after losing hope forever I saw her again. This happened after a month and this time without wasting even a single second I directly went to her. I tried to conversate and like every other girl she was not comfortable, her eyes were actually the way to her heart. You can read everything going on in her mind or heart in her eyes. But her uncomfortablity could not end my curiosity for her. It took me almost fifteen days to earn her trust and give her that comfortable environment which she deserves. But even after this she didn’t want to share anything about herself, it was the day I realise that there exist people more introvert than me but finally she bowed down in front of the pure bond we shared. Her story made me realise the value of life, before meeting her I was just breathing but after knowing her I started living.

She was the girl of 10, like every other girl she did not get the chance to study, chance to play, chance to swing on swings but she had no complaint regarding this. She was happy being house maid, happy because she had the food to eat, air to breathe and most important a shed to sleep. She was happy for she had all the basic necessities in her life, the day she made me realise that life is more from work and a luxurious apartment. I tried my best to make her pursue her education but her schedule her family needs didn’t allow her for it. She is elder in her family, I am also elder in my family but it was she only who made me realise what being an elder in family mean. The way she live her life, the way she view each thing, the way she understood each thing at such tender age she became my inspiration. My inspiration for everything, my inspiration to live life, my inspiration to understand the things, my inspiration to handle the situation, just everything. Even till date I live my life like if she would have been in this situation what she would have done and I actually do the same.

Even working continuously for more than half of the day, there is not even single moment when her smile disappears off. Every time she is being scolded for not doing her work properly she never argue just listen to those harsh words and forget them in seconds. She is so full of life. She once told me she works so that her younger ones can have better life; yes she earned and sends her younger ones for education. And once again I fall in love with her. Till date she inspires me in each and every turn of my life. I don’t know why people around me consider wrong talking to her, befriending her but yes I have no guilt in doing so. For she is the only one who taught me to live honestly to live happily. Sometimes I feel it is good not to earn so much at least you have peace of mind. Sometimes I feel she has become my source of happiness but I have no regret for it. I honestly got the best teacher or I should say the best person in her.

“You do not want to talk to her just because she is poor, you do not respect her just because you think she does not belong to your class.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]I talk to her just because she is full of life, I just respect her because no matter what she never disrespect you but in real YOU ACTUALLY DO NOT BELONG TO HER CLASS.”[/beautifulquote]


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