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A poem You Can Relate with Your Soul Sister

A Soul Sister is a girl who is a part of your soul. Just as the soul resides in the very depth of your heart, she holds a place in that depth of your heart. In life we meet a lot of people and connect to many but some relations are so special that they have a direct access to our soul. To the sunshine of life, Soul Sister:

To the absolute queen: She is the one in a million. She has her own ways of dealing with life and that is one of the reason she is an inspiration.
Hey Soul Sister!! You’re a blessing in my life
No Diamonds no Rubies shine brighter than your eyes
To the world you’re wearing that invisible crown
Your smile has the power of chasing away frown

Admirable!! Isn’t she?!! : To all the qualities she has, she is an endless beauty with a nature that cannot be defined with words. Any word used to admire her is insufficient.
You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known
I admire you for every quality that you own
Only angels can send a person with your role
You are a flawless beauty with a beautiful soul

To the times we spend together: Everyone knows how close we are to each other and the time we spent with each other since childhood strengthened the bond with each passing step together.
You are my superhero we’re the partners in crime
And how can we forget the good old goofy times
The smiles, the laughs, the giggles, the talks
Those memories are bundled with strongest locks

To the phenomenal bond we share: She is my first best friend, she is my mentor for life, she is my soul sister and one of the most important person in my life.
There are times we’re unable to talk for days
But whenever we talk it’s the same old ways
It’s not always important to speak your heart out
Some people talk to us with eyes and not mouth

Nothing can change my love for you: Some people in life are forever kind of people. You know no matter what they will always be the same for you for a lifetime and more.
For you I can always walk that extra mile

We’re holding hands with the forever smile
Although fate has a power to alter things in life
But no one can change what true love decides

I would like to conclude with a few lines
Hey Soul Sister!! May you prosper like you dream in life
May the heavens let this angel show all her magical sides”

Ayushi Dimri
Ayushi Dimri
I am a very social person.Love to connect to people.There is a beauty in everyone and what appearance fail to show words complete it.Love and respect for every individual.



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