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10 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Phone Addict

In the 21st century the technology is so much advanced that everyone one of us is addicted to it. Most of the people now have smart phones as the have become an integral part of their lives. Let us have a look at the 10 must-have gadgets for every phone addict. For someone who never loses the sight of their phone these gadgets are a must.

1. Wrist Strap

The modern day phones are all about selfies, and so this strap might come in handy for saving your phone when you perform dangerous stunts for capturing a cool selfies.

2. Chromecast

Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. These are designed as small dongles which play audio/video content on a high-definition television or home audio system by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the internet or a local network.

3. Phone Sanitizer

Your Smartphone has one unwanted function: it is a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and viruses. What’s more, holding that Petri dish of a device next to your mouth and nose creates a direct path for colds and flu. But this easy-to-use smart-phone sanitizer helps to zap most of those germs automatically.

  1. A charging clutch.

There are some rare moments when we don’t carry the phone in our hands. For those, the phone may rest a while in this clutch and get charged at the same time.

5. Smart ring (NFC ring)

This smart ring basically helps in sending contact information and can even unlock your door. It can also manage your applications and can unlock your phone.

6. Sticky Notes

Guys every one of us have a knack of forgetting things regularly. These awesome pads for your iPhone 5 or 6 will keep all your hand-written notes as close to you as possible.

7. Charging Cable Bracelet

The Charging Cable Bracelet serves a dual purpose, combining the two worlds of technology and fashion. They are disguised in the form of a simple but stylish bracelet giving you the capability of charging your devices at the same time.

8. Touchscreen Paint

The screen of your phone often gets scratched due to frequent use and if you wear gloves while using your favourite device then certainly the touch of your phone is not as smooth as it should be. So now you can put on the gloves which are touch sensitive and at the same time will allow you to keep the screen clean.

9. Power Bank

Power Banks are highly essential as the smartphone batteries drain out a bit quickly. Power banks allow you to charge your phone at any instant whether you are in a meeting or you are in a flight. This has lot of practical application.

10. Notification Ring

Ringly is wearable technology that lets you know about many of your applications when you aren’t looking at your phone. Isn’t it cool? Off course it is.

Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Priyanka Priyadarshinee
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