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Perfect proposal

Everything was set, all was going accordingly. I was feeling giddy and nervous simultaneously, but I wanted to make it special for her. There she was in black colored gown looking stunning as always with her pretty smile, surrounded by her mates. I waved my hand the lights were dimed and all eyes on me. I cleared my throat and begin “ This is story of my life to my bookaholic girlfriend in the way she likes.”

As you know before you came into my life, I too had a love story. She always used to say,” Of course I love youbut I guess it was until I find someone better. I was shattered when life tricked me & love kicked me; the moment she said, “Sorry you’re not my type” & She broke up I didn’t. I was completely lost and always kept wondering why it didn’t worked and lie on the conclusion maybe it was Right fit but wrong shoe. Hence, Few things left unsaid and there was an end of my Half baked love story.

In between I took a quick glance at her she was confused; but then she jumped with excitement the moment she realized I was using all her favorite novels title.

proposalI continued, but I think it was just the end of one chapter and begin for new. When one day you bumped into my life, you Hold my hand & showed me Life is what you make it. As time passes by soon You were my crush as I had never came across Someone like you. Suddenly, one thing poked into my mind Can love happens twice?

Lately, one thing I got straight “It happens for a reasonas You’re trending in my dreams. Yes I realized, This love that feels right.  You were added in my Secret wish list. In my mind you were already my Half Girlfriend and I aim for becoming your World’s best boyfriend. My friends always used to say If  it’s not forever its not love but you taught me A thing beyond forever.

Now I feel Like it happens yesterday were It started with a friend request and That’s the way we met. Where soon She swiped right into my heart and became The Girl of my dreams. There is no Wrong means and right end. I just want you to be my girlfriend cause you’re password to my life and between us When only love remains.

As soon as I finished off with my stuff  I kneeled down holding flowers in my hand and there she was with a stunned look she has gone speechless. The crowd started whistling & clapping so hard it gave me little Rock star feeling. All  girls were going awe on me. Then she came running and hugged me and yes without a single word from her mouth I know my proposal was accepted.



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