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Partition : A Vague Idea of Freedom

There have been times when winds were drowsy and waters were still. Perhaps, the time when our emotions were in the hands of Englishmen. Probing deep into this topic, you may come across a feeling that is not less than nostalgia.
I feel deep inside everybody, there is an urge for national security that unfolds differently. In fact, this is something one not just wishes to have but actually feels it through the leaders that represent our nation.

Partition phase has been one of those examples. It had become obligatory for people to be a part of it, otherwise their own body parts would have been parted. When the two leaders representing each other’s communities parted ways, the country became as if disrobed.
Two names were being given to two communities and two names were given to two different kinds of people.
In fact, the night of Independence acted so cruelly to many. Under the shield of freedom many were tortured. While emotional dependence was shattered, the political strategies were emerging.

Partition : A Vague Idea of Freedom

The ideology of diversion comes with the power of politics. Perhaps, this authoritorial guidance is what we accepted from Western Colonialism. Power to have Power. Power to show Power. Power to break Power.

The strife between two communities took itself to such an extent that streets became red with bloodshed. The railway junction became a hell itself. That free life culminated into death.

Partition wasn’t a cartographic move. It was an idea. By that I mean, an idea to exercise power. This was an ideological battle fought through “unknown” perceptions. Because those who knew it, were already harmless.

Now after so many years of Partition, the crisis hasn’t come to an end. We still live under cliched images of communities.

Partition : A Vague Idea of Freedom

The border attacks set a sense of judgement of Patriotism. Many of our martyrs have set themselves ablaze to protect the country. They represent the nation on LOC. The unaware “common people” see what they are made to see and hence demand that battle which not only results in struggle of martyrs but set the whole country on peace.

This ideology talks about differences. This ideology talks about dichotomies. It never talks about similarities and thus this ‘illusionist patriotism’ comes forward.
This division crisis is still prevalent. Microscopically speaking, it has its base in every aspect of society. There are conflicts among ruling parties that struggle to achieve power. There are conflicts among castes that fight for better images. Dichotomy of Upper Class and Lower Class and many more.

Partition : A Vague Idea of Freedom

Partition acts as a base upon which so many divisions stand. This fight is with oneself for the sake of nation. Whereas, we have been addressing to an idea which ideally reproduces hatred. Remember that War brings “a-never-ending-war” itself. Do not let this Partition happen again. Because:

“Hatred is catastrophic,
Without peace.
Live with freedom,
Without being seized.”

prachi nagpal
prachi nagpal


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