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Niharika Bhasin Khan! The girl behind awesome “Bombay Velvet,” costumes.


We have seen gorgeous Anushka Sharma running around in beautiful gowns that showed authenticity in “Bombay Velvet“. We have also seen Raveena Tondon with her heavy peacock dress in the same flick. Ever wondered what it takes to get stars look the way we adore? Here I am sharing a little about a costume designer “Niharika Bhasin Khan” who made Anushka look like they way movie demanded.

Q)How Niharika start designing for this movie?
A) Niharika tells us she had researched on plethora of pictures and videos to get the look of Bombay during fiftees and sixtees. She has not just gone through internet, but also to the old photographers, old studios, libraries, Parsi families who resides in Bombay to get old photographs etc.
Taking example of two costumes of “Bombay Velvet” one which Anushka Sharma wore and the other which Raveena Tondon wore in the flick, I am going to give you idea about how she worked to get the look of the movie’s characters.
1) Magenta gown  in which Anushka runs
No wonder this gown is so heavy that taking steps in that gown was difficult and Anushka ran wearing it. Hats of to her!

2)The green dress wore by Raveena Tondon.
Yes it looks beautiful! Now the secret behind this gown which designer Niharika reveals to us is that myriad number of “real peacock feathers” have been used in preparing this dress. She did tedious task to get small peacock feathers for the upper part of the dress. Moreover, each and every feather used for that dress is of “real peacock ”!

Niharika also tells us that costume designing is much more than what the cast is wearing on-screen. It is a huge responsibility to design dresses to bring genuine feel to the scene but most of the time it goes unnoticed. On the other hand she says that it is really cool to be a costume designer because one can do what they want and can mess around with clothes with big Bollywood stars without having any blame.(laughs).
I am a girl who wants to learn and grow:)

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