8 Must-Visit Astonishing Places in Rajasthan

Indian landmark Gadi Sagar in Rajasthan
Indian landmark Gadi Sagar in Rajasthan

There are abundant places that we visit from time to time, yet few are those that make an imprint in our souls. One such place happens to be Rajasthan, the Land of Kings and Kingdoms. Along with being the largest state in the country, it is the hub of education and transport. There is something exceptional about this city that radiates different vibes. Everything addresses the way of life of the city, be it the antiques, historical places, adornments, museums, etc. Nowadays, we might visit places with trendy backgrounds, themes, and lighting, but nothing can match the exquisite beauty of Rajasthan’s antiquity.

So here is a rundown of the best and must-visit places in Rajasthan-

City Palace

Where? Jaipur

Built by the founder of the city, City Palace is one of the oldest monuments in the country. The highlight of this palace is the gates that are known to represent the four seasons and are dedicated to Hindu Gods. The Mor Gate with carvings of beautiful peacocks is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and represents autumn. The Lotus gate with 3D lotus petal paintings indicates Shiva Parvati and represents summer. The wonderful Rose Gate indicates Devi and represents winter. Lastly, the Green Gate is a palace-like gate indicating Lord Ganesha that represents spring. City Palace has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest silver vessels in the world. Surprisingly, the descendants of the native royal family of the palace still live in the private space of the palace.

Amer Fort

Places in Rajasthan

Where? Jaipur

Amer Fort, also known as the Amber Fort, was built in the town of Amber on the high Aravalli hills. It is connected by a subterranean passage to the Jaigarh Fort and the passage played a major role as an escape route during times of war. The architecture consists of the Mughal names and styles as it was built by one of the nine gems of king Akbar, Raja Alan Singh. Accordingly, it is a must-visit palace for the people who are keen on the history and culture of ancient India. It is one of the forts to be included in the World Heritage Site list. So, it is a magnificent place to spend your day and experience the fun elephant ride over the hills.

Lake Palace

Where? Udaipur

The Lake Palace is indeed everything that you need to bless your eyes in the Venice of the East, Udaipur. Built entirely with shiny white marble, it is a floating palace situated in the middle of Pichola lake on the island named Jag Niwas. The palace where kings used to live earlier has now been converted into a luxurious five-star, the Taj Lake Palace. The guests get access to luxuries like a boat ride with a beautiful view along the lake, a museum tour, a one-of-a-kind crystal gallery, etc. It is also known to be one of the most wonderful creations and elite tourist spots in the history of Rajasthan. Furthermore, Octopussy, the 13th James Bond movie, was shot here.

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Sheesh Mahal

Where? Jaipur

Are you a wanderlust? Do aesthetic places allure you? If the response is affirmative, you must visit Sheesh Mahal, also known as the Glass Palace of India. It is believed that the queen of the palace longed to sleep under the stars. So, the king filled the palace with mirrors and candles to fulfill her wish and keep her warm. The intricate mirror-work inlaid into the white marble walls is enough to grab everyone’s attention. The mirrors shine so brightly that it does not even need lights. They keep flickering, and it makes the palace look extremely picturesque. Though entry inside the palace is not permitted, you can adore the exquisite mirror work from the exteriors.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Where? Ajmer

Ajmer Sharif is a place of serenity, where you would get a glimpse of the marble tomb of saint Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti situated over the Taragarh hill. The Dargah is known for its divinity and has its doors open to everyone, irrespective of religion and gender. People from all around the world have been donating sheets, cauldron, and rose petals for years. Surprisingly, a festival named Urs Sharif is celebrated as the death anniversary of the Sufi saint for his reunion with Allah. All the gates are made of silver and are washed with rose petals during the festival. If you pray with all your heart and divinity in this holy mosque, it surely gets fulfilled with Allah’s blessings.

Hawa Mahal

Where? Jaipur

The Palace of Breeze is an extension to the City Palace and consists of more than 900 casements. Each casement consists of pink windows as small as a hole that would not invade the privacy of the women of the palace. It was built for the freedom of Rajput women who were not permitted to be seen by strangers. Moreover, the peephole-type windows were great sources for the breeze to pass through the palace. Accordingly, it was named the Hawa Mahal. The palace gives a beautiful and refreshing view as soon as the sun rises, sunlight entering through each window. If you desire to have a glimpse of the view of the Pink City at once, you must visit the palace.

Jantar Mantar

Where? Jaipur

Jantar Mantar highlights the world’s largest stone sundial, Vrihat Samrat Yantra, the supreme instrument. It is well-known for its extraordinary accumulation of nineteen astronomical instruments that help predict the time and movement of the sun, moon, and planets. Among the five Jantar Mantar built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, this one is the largest and a World Heritage Site. It is an ideal place for people who have a keen interest in astronomy, history, as well as mathematics. It is recommended to visit the observatory during the mid-day for better interpretations in the shining sun.

Pink City Bazaar

Where? Jaipur

Apart from the historical monuments, Jaipur is known for its traditional food and fabrics. Handcrafted Jaipuri dupattas and jewelry are popular in the country, and we do not miss them whenever we visit the city. You get an extraordinary collection of vintage as well as contemporary fashion in the seasoned markets of Jaipur at affordable prices. From colorful pottery items to handpainted artifacts, you always find some royal and unique home decor items on the streets. Also, there is a wide variety of traditional craftily woven Rajasthani Jootis that is the highlight of the place. Some of the oldest and most popular markets include Johri Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, etc.


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