Top 10 places to visit in West Bengal

The unique diversity:

Along with the city’s art, the country, mountains, and nature are assimilated and intertwined in the cauldron of the northeastern Indian state, West Bengal. Whether one’s mind is thinking about roaming freely in the lush green wild forest or trying to be adventurous for mountain climbing, our diversified West Bengal offers it all. 

Kolkata – The City of Joy 

Hooghly Hues - Boats on the Hoogly river in Kolkata against the back drop of the majestic Vidyasagar
Hooghly Hues – Boats on the Hoogly river in Kolkata against the back drop of the majestic Vidyasagar

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal which has gone under a drastic change in the last decades. During the British times, the city was called Calcutta and was till 2001. When visited one will be able to understand the high-spirited, affectionate, and abstract side of the City of Joy.  

Kolkata was founded as the trading post for the East India Company. It is famous for its magnificent and awe-inspiring architecture, the vibrant festivals of the various cultures, and the mind absorbing and aesthetic art galleries. To feel the actual essence of Kolkata one needs to dive into the depths of the city and its enriching history and culture rather than walking past.  

It is a contrasting city filled with fascinating and enchanting spirits along with unnoticed tumbled-down establishments which will make one feel time being stopped in fragments. But, it is the only city to still have tram networks protecting the historical charm. 

Places to Visit:

The Victoria Memorial, the Princep Ghat, Park Street, the Indian Museum, Maidan, the Indian Coffee House, the South Park Cemetery are some interesting places to visit and get thrilled. Among religious places, there are the Dakshineswar Temple, Kalighat Temple, and Belur Math to visit.

The Cuisines available are:

The Bengali cuisine of fish and rice and along with it the yummy delicious desserts – Rosogolla, Sandesh and Misti Doi.


₹7000 (for three days)

Altogether Kolkata will make you feel the joy around and make the visit very much memorable. Do visit this amazing city of West Bengal.

The Magnificent Sundarban 

Top 10 places to visit in West Bengal 7

Sundarban is one of the top national parks spreading over 102 islands. It is a mangrove type of place in the delta area which is formed by the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, and the Meghna river confluence in the Bay of Bengal.
It is a splendidly intertwined mangrove forest. Known as the largest one in the whole world to have tigers. The whole place Is accessible only through boats. The natural beauty of the mangrove forest makes it more unique to explore the Sundarban. There is a very famous mangrove tree from this place called the Sundari Tree from which the place was named.

Places to visit:

The Sundarban National Park, the Hiron Point, the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, the Sajnekhali Watch Tower, and the Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve.

Cuisine available:

The Bengali cuisine consisting of delicious fish (Hilsa, Prawn) and chicken dishes along with rice.


100 km (62 miles) towards the southeast of Kolkata


3-star hotels available
₹2,500 on average

Sundarban is a place where you will enjoy nature as it is and feel the essence of adventure as well. So plan a trip now.

Beautiful Darjeeling 

People pick the fresh tea leaves in the farm
People pick the fresh tea leaves in the farm

Darjeeling is a hill town in the northern part of West Bengal in the Himalayan foothills. It is known as the “Queen of Hills”. It became the first place for spending the summer vacations of the elite British people. Darjeeling Himalayan Railways or famously known as Toy Trains rides are still everyone’s favorite.  

Among other reasons, Darjeeling has always been well known to people for the unique black tea grown in the tea garden. People all over the country are fans of Darjeeling tea. It has its natural beauty which makes it distinctive and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While visiting this beautiful place the tourists get the fine opportunity to witness and explore the architecture from the colonial era.  

Major spots for the tourists to visit:

The Senchal Lake, the Ghoom Monastery, the Observatory Hill, the Tiger Hill, the Dhirdham Temple, and the Mountaineering Institute and Darjeeling Zoo.  

Interesting things to do in Darjeeling for tourists and travelers:

River rafting, trekking, toy train rides, cottage camping, wildlife sighting at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park.  

Best time to visit Darjeeling:

During the summer months: April to June for one week.  

Restaurants in Darjeeling:

The Kunga Restaurant, the Glenary’s, Nawangs Restaurant, the Keventer’s, Shangri-La Restaurant, and Bar, and the list continue.  


600 km (375 miles) towards North of Kolkata


All types of hotels are available. Starting from ₹1,400 and extending to ₹3,500.


₹30,000 for 6days and 5nights

Darjeeling will gift you the amazing experience of visiting a mountain place within your range.  

Attractive Kalimpong 

Kalimpong is situated on the north edge of West Bengal and is about 53 km which is 3 hours away from Darjeeling. It is located on a ridge that is over the beautiful Teesta River. 

Kalimpong is famous for providing an amazing panoramic view of its valley, the churches around it, and beautiful Tibetan handicrafts.  

Major Attractions:

Buddhist Monasteries, Deolo Park, Dr. Graham’s Home, Pine View Nursery, Kalimpong Science Centre, Hanuman Temple, 7th Mile View Point.  


630 km (390 miles) towards the north of Kolkata.  


3 stars and 4 stars hotels ranging from ₹1,400 to ₹3,600

Best time to visit:

Either from March to May or from September to November because of the pleasant weather of Kalimpong.  


₹35,000 for 7days and 6 nights

Kalimpong welcomes everyone with open arms in its lush green mountains and is the best place for the newlyweds.  

Peaceful Shantiniketan 

The name means ‘Abode of Peace.’ In the year of 1901, the famous Noble Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore founded a school which is known as Visva Bharati, which preaches about the relationship between humanity and nature. It has always been known as the center of batik weaving, embroidery, and pottery, traditional handicrafts.  

Main attractions:

The Uttarayan complex where Rabindranath lived has been transformed into a museum and an art gallery, the Upasana Griha Prayer Hall, a beautiful place with colored glass, the Kala Bhavan, known as the best visual arts college with wall paintings, sculptures, murals, and frescoes. Along with it Bondargar Haat, the village market which is held every Saturday.  

Cuisine available:

The mouth-watering Bengali cuisine.  


160 km (100 miles) towards northwestern Kolkata


Ranging from ₹1,300 to ₹3,400

Best time to visit:

During festivals like Holi, Poush Mela.  

Visit Shantiniketan and enjoy the beauty around and the peace along with it.  

Terracotta’s Birthplace, Bishnupur 

Bishnupur is a place filled with extraordinary and astounding terracotta temples and pottery. They were all built by the kings of the Malla dynasty. Through this and devotion towards Lord Krishna Hinduism was revived after being dominated by Islam for a very long period.  

The result of this revival was the temples having curved roofs in Bengali style and domes and arches in Islamic style. Along with it duel of Odia style.  

Major attractions:

The Rashmancha, the Shyamrai Temple, the Madan Mohan Temple, the Dalmadal Kaman Canon, the Chinnamasta Temple, and the Radha Mandir. Along with this Bishnupur has a special sari called Bishnupur Silk which is very common among the female population.  

Cuisine available:

The finger-licking Bengali cuisine


140 km (87 miles) towards the northwest of Kolkata


Tourist lodges are available

Best time to visit:

During the winter months of October, November, and December because the temperature is comfortable at that time and perfect for sightseeing.

Visit Bishnupur and enjoy the historical adventures of the place.  

Pilgrim City, Mayapur 

Mayapur is very famous as the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the spiritual leader of the 15th century. It is the home of innumerable number Lord Krishna devotees.

Mayapur is believed to be the headquarters of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The founder of ISKCON was Srila Prabhupada. He also started the ‘Hare Krishna Movement.’

Places to visit:

The ISKCON Chandradaya Temple, the Yoga Peeth, the Sri Chaitanya Math, the Chand Kai’s Samadhi, and the Sri Devanda Gandiya Math.  

Cuisine available:

Non-veg Bengali cuisine


125 km (78 miles) towards the north of Kolkata


Available with AC rooms (₹4000) and non AC rooms ( ₹1000)  

Best time to visit:

During the winter months of November – February


₹10,000 (for three-four days)  

Come to Mayapur and have an experience of a devotional tour.  

Pleasant Mandarmani Beach 

Mandarmani Sea Beach
Mandarmani Sea Beach

It is a seaside place with a wide stretch of beaches and a well-known fishing village. Mandarmani is for people who are interested in avoiding crowds. Much peaceful place for peace lovers. It is the best place for people to spend their weekends on their own or with family and friends.


About 180 km (112 miles) towards southwest Kolkata


Bombay Beach Resort and Eco Villa Resort (ranging from ₹2000 – ₹5000)  

Best time to visit:

November and December, the winter months


₹3000 (average) 

Visit the Mandarmani beach and enjoy the weekend peacefully.  

Murshidabad – The Land of Palaces and Mosques 

Top 10 places to visit in West Bengal 8

It was the capital of the Bengal region during the Mughal period. Surrounded by an innumerable number of palaces and mosques. Shiraj ud-Daulah once ruled this land.  

This treachery against the Nawab by his trusted man Mir Zafar is the reason which attracts tourists and travelers to come and explore the place.  

Places to visit:

The Hazariduari Palace, the Nizmat Imbambara, the Footi Mosque, the Wasif Manzil, and the Moti Jheel.  

Cuisine available:

The Bengali cuisine like any other place in West Bengal


About 200 km (125 miles) towards North of Kolkata

Best time to visit:

October to March is the best time


₹3000 (average) 

Come to Murshidabad and explore the unknown history of this place.  

Purulia- Home to Chhau Dance 

Chhau Nritya 1
Top 10 places to visit in West Bengal 9

Purulia is famous for the remarkable Chhau dance. The 3-day annual Chhau Jhumur Utsav which features the Chhau dance takes place happens at the end of December in a place called Balarampur.  

The masks are made in a village called Charade village, 45 minutes from Purulia. It has been in the Representative List of UNESCO.  

Places to visit:

The Ajodhya Hill and forest area, the Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith, the Ramkrishna Temple, the District Science Centre, the Saheb Bandh.  

Cuisine available:

Bengali cuisine


290 km (180 miles) towards the northwest of Kolkata


From ₹760 – ₹2500

Best time to visit – During the winter months

Expense – Around ₹3000 (average)  

Visit the most unique place in West Bengal and explore it.  

Here, the top 10 places of West Bengal have been presented and described. But there are many more to be added to the list. West Bengal is a place full of surprises and has lots to provide to everyone. Come and explore the unknown history of this eastern Indian state.  

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