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Often I try hard to find out meaning in the meaninglessness of life. A small world pushing its limits, resisting almost every change, searching for many answers stuck in a complex web of worldly wisdom and its superficially wrapped rules. Well, this world is mine, it completely belongs to me. Beauty is not physical I have seen ugly souls wrapped in pretty faces, ugliest ideas behind the most pretty things. I have witnessed people changing their attitudes, body language, behavior, within seconds. No one is actually real. Then whats the use of this word when it’s just useless. For instance in front of your juniors, the people who are somewhere less than you in your mind you are worst to them and with a blink of an eye you are a sugar coated pill in the presence of your boss, or some big shots, or among the people who are so-called beneficial to you.


inspiring-motivational-quotes-for-successAhh, a life is too less for this trust me. I always thought what happen to all those toppers every year who makes a new record, the board toppers, the toppers from all the prestigious and so called top institutes, the dreams of crores which only one or two can achieve literally. But still, after a particular convocation day or result date, no one seriously remembers them. I mean let’s be honest. How many of us seriously remember the names of 2016 toppers. Until and unless, they are your relatives, friends or known ones. But the irony is still there is one king khan, one Sachin tendulkar, one Amitabh Bachan, one Steve Jobs and yes I am not against education, so one Abdul kalam and so on. We have numerous big shots. So basically education is important, hard work, Tallent but no this 1 st POSITION.


confusion-clarity-spiritual-pathSo yeah right if you flung then you will not get anything right so you need to study but then is there any guarantee that if you top then you can become like Mark Zuckerberg or Brad Pitt. I always wonder why everything turns out so ugly and in vain when it connects with reality. See as we grow up we are always taught about honesty, rules, raising your voice, standing against the odds, do the right thing and blah blah. But as that time we are like too young to understand the stuff, and in all these congrats we grew up into adults I mean its just a one day gap alright let me explain today you are in school tomorrow your school is over and due day after tomorrow you have to become independent. This is still better than college ends and from next day everyone expects you to behave like adults, then marriage and from next day dude chuck your life learn to sacrifice, work like slaves and kill your dreams. And if you fail to do so let me tell you-you are a failure, sometimes even worst you can be the best target for your society, you have to live with all the ill words. They will get the right to rip apart your soul. And if you raise your voice as you were being told, since childhood and in a democratic country then you are a gone case. People will stare you in a way that their pleasing glances will give you a feeling of being raped emotionally, mentally. Your confidence and self-esteem will be shattered into pieces.


lifeSee this is not against anything or anyone it’s in general. Solely my opinion, but a firm one whats the use of all the adjectives that were taught to Us. When you enters into adulthood its like welcome to the hell I mean either leave these teachings behind far behind and if you fail to do so then no one can help you, if you be honest, and sweet and helpful and all the shift you will be considered as immature, dumb, drama queen or king , useless, inferior and I don’t want to use many bad words. You cannot show your emotions, but I have read many times that only strong people can show their emotions. An act of courageous. Hmm, so we are now expected to turn into cowards and yes weak people or fake actually. Now when we are adults with senses, oh most importantly never stand for the right, I mean kamon think about yourself, your image, what people will say. Realy as if I care but people are grilling me, compelling me to become like them otherwise what I will be boycotted. So according to my desires, i don’t belong here in this world. Shall I go to Mars then? And then to your utter surprise just check out the walls of all social sites people are different, they are adventurous but my dear friend they worship their third class, rotten, monotonous rules, the hate adventure. They will just not tolerate any such nuisance.


socialThe reality is the fakest and useless word I have ever experienced. Lol, everything seems so perfect until you don’t experience it in real. Every yellow thing is gold from a distance but its probably shift when you go near. I believe it’s all hollow,  meaningless why we cannot learn to be hypocrites, diplomatic, the social birds since childhood.

Why no one can inform those poor people who commit suicide that its ok not to be a topper, and why can’t someone goes and tells a poor topper that dude you got this life for once and all, it’s good you are studying but please have a life as well? And if someone tells you that you can enjoy your lives later than first go and ask those who are working in the top most companies about their enjoyment and then make your decision and if they will ask you then you can enjoy later then tell them to shut up because life is unpredictable. You never knows, what will happen you have this present only just this much. Afterwards if anyone tells you that those who are successful are due to their luck and first of all ask them back is that mean luck overcomes the hard work because that’s what we can witness in so many cases or is that mean that there is nothing like luck and it’s solely hard work in the right direction because these are those courageous ones who did out of the box and stand against the world ignoring all assholes and the worldly shitty wisdom. They create their own world and even the shitty world worships them.

The reality check

motivational-quotes-for-success-in-businessAll I can say at last is that life is a turbulent ride, you are not allowed to puke. If you sincerely believe in the power of your dreams, in the hopes of those who loves you, if you know your worth, if you are courageous enough if you don’t care that diamonds breaks in the process of becoming more precious. If you can burn in fire, drown in the ocean, then still feel like attaining the unattainable. Then keep moving. Lock your heart, your emotions in a box and throw it somwhere, no I am not asking you to follow the world this is just for to cut down the distractions until you turn your weak emotions into your strength, until you turn worst into best, until you don’t yourself to break at any edge. Everyone in the world worships the power, when you will turn powerful this all will become an epic the success story of a hero, trust me. The World is like that so leave it forever and work to embrace your life, your dreams, make it happen for the ones who go against all the rules to support you. Make your own splendid world and people will Start following your rules.

Figh Fight Fight
Fall to Stand
Cry to Laugh
Become hopeless to attain the hope..

Believe in heights……
And magic of dreams……
Its hard very hard i know but along with this know one more thing your WORTH…

Now that’s the real meaning of your journey And this time my friend this real can be most beautiful.  You Just need to have a desire for this……………………....

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An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


  1. From all your 6 articles, One thing is very clear..You are natural at giving words to deep down rumbled thoughts.. Kudos!!

  2. From all your 6 articles, One thing is very clear..You are natural at giving words to deep down rumbled thoughts.. Kudos!!


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