Ten scribbles


  1. Every time the phone rang I thought

The screen would flash your name

But another birthday came to an end

Without your phone call and wishes

2.  I will propose to her tonight I thought

“I’m beating faster”, my heart pounded

My mind warned, “It’s a risky move.”

“I would not let that happen easily”, smirked the phone battery

3.  She gave up on her

She gave up on her

As friendship broke up

Ego smiled at its victory

4.  She finally started believing in forever

As the doctor declared

She won’t be able to walk again

5.  If only it had been you

I would give up everything else

But promise me you won’t bulk me out

My dearest love…my chocolate

6.  Returning home late at night

But being welcomed with a warm hug

It never behaved snobbish

As it always happily wagged its tail


7.  His life line was longer than mine

But now I don’t believe in this astrology

As he lies on his deathbed before me

8.  As the scars and burns

Would heal with time

Her bloodshot eyes and

Swelled up face

Would never vanish

9.  Today the burnt roti also tasted heavenly

“This is so yummy I could go on eating”

“Thank you daddy”, came the reply

10.  As I went to buy my jogging suit

The restaurant beside the shop let its aroma out

As I got carried away with its food

Again began the same old story

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