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Lost Memories

His face dropped with a frown,

Forlorn and alone, he looked,

The stony blue eyes were raging a storm,

Confusion laced with grief and pain,

As he racked his heavy and drooping brain,

he couldn’t remember anything,

His mind groped for a sliver of a memory,

Of your enchanting face or a stolen kiss,

But your mind had a thousand, racing,

Like a herd of horses galloping over the grass,

Emerald and clad with droplets of water,

Lost Memories

You remembered the peppered kisses,

Passionate, fierce, needy,

On your face, lips, and body,

He was generous with his delectable mouth,

Oh yes, you remembered his blue eyes,

turning gray with lust, he would behold you,

With unabashed love, he would embrace you,

Confessing his undeniable feelings, ravish you,

No trace of coyness on his body, as he stood there,

Tall, chocolate haired and handsome,

Relentless in his attempts to see you,

He would do anything for you,

Lost Memories

Clad in black from head to toe,

He stood at a safe distance,

His hair had grown a little below the nape,

Soft and warm it would feel,

You could imagine it through your fingers,

Slithering away like silk,

Face pallid with fear and resentment,

At himself mostly, he shouted in his head,

He was trying so hard to recall,

Anything and everything,

Only he didn’t know what it was,

You lean in to touch his cheek,

A stroke to ease his anguish,

You wanted to let him know,

That you were his, and he was yours,

Now and forever,

despite the dismal turn of events,

Lost Memories

You wanted to yell at him,

With all you might, proclaiming your love,

And vowing your allegiance to him,

No matter what the future holds,

You had to be patient for he was vulnerable,

You let the tears slide freely,

His cheeks also stained with them,

As you held him close to your chest.


Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.


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