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Life of people in the digital age

The life of people has undergone a transformation in the digital age. We cannot live our life without digital assets. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we are digitally involved. Our life revolves around Internet and technology. We live in a connected world where technology brings benefits. The importance of Internet is increasing day by day. We cannot imagine what our life will be without social media. In this digital age, our life is tracked through social media. Everybody wants to adopt digital trends. Digital transformation has affected the lives of people.

Impact of Internet on people’s lives

Internet is a gateway to an entirely new world. We all depend on Internet for many purposes. It allows access to information and services. Internet is flexible and available for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. People are grateful to Internet for easing their lives. We could survive in lockdown because of our involvement in Internet. Internet along with technology have changed our lives.

Internet provides connectivity

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All the social media applications perform through Internet. People keep in touch with family and friends through social media. There are numerous social media platforms which connect people. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Skype are some of them. Internet decreases isolation and makes people happy. Using Internet can be entertaining and decrease boredom. People can post each and every happening on social media. We get to know more about our acquaintances through social media. If we lose contact with someone, then we can connect with that person through Internet. The connectivity has been improved to a great extent.

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Internet saves money

Internet provides access to a wide market. Being at home, we can know about products and services. Internet becomes a medium by which we can compare prices. Nowadays many companies have an omnichannel presence. We can find products online and know their features. You can find good offers online. We can take better decisions because of Internet. You can view the same product in many brands. Then you can compare their features and price. Online shopping is very beneficial because you can see as many products that you want. You can take your time and decide carefully what you will buy. Due to online shopping, we do not have to go to shops. This saves the cost of travelling. Though products have delivery charges, yet it is less compared to the cost incurred in travelling. We can save money through Internet.

Internet saves time

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We can save our time a lot by using Internet. Many things are available to us at just a click. Earlier we had to spend a lot of time in queues and travelling to places. With the help of Internet, we can save time spent in these activities. We can avail facilities of online banking, booking tickets for travel and stay, paying bills and taxes through Internet. You can do these from the convenience of your home. These activities can be done at any time that suits us. So, we do not have to fix a time for any particular activity. Internet has enabled us to do multitasking. We can carry out many activities by being at home and at any time. Internet saves the time spent in retail outlets by facilitating online shopping.

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Internet provides entertainment

Internet adds excitement to our life. We can get to know about various cultures and countries through it. It is a good medium of entertainment because we can select what we want to view. Television gives us the option of different channels. But we can select specific thing to watch only through Internet. You can pursue your hobbies and interest through Internet. There are various websites that serve this purpose. We can learn new languages and skills from Internet. For entertainment, there are certain websites. They show movies, songs, TV serials, news and series. We can learn cooking from the numerous videos available. Internet helps us to stay up to date with current affairs. We can view latest updates through websites and applications. Internet has become a substitute of newspaper. You can read many articles from Internet.

Internet provides education

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Internet has become a medium of education. Online education is an addon to full time education. It also facilitates learning in cases where classroom education is not possible. Internet is a good medium for expanding skills and knowledge. You can take online courses whenever you want. In this medium, you can learn at your own pace. There are many advantages of learning through Internet. If you want to learn something, then Internet is a good platform. You can learn new courses by being at home and at any time. Internet clears doubts of students in all subjects. You can also find tutors online.

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Impact of technology on business

Digital transformation has changed business in industries. Almost all the people have smartphone and laptop. Internet along with technology has modified traditional business. Digital marketing and social media marketing are on the rise. They are able to influence people and affect their purchase decisions. There are some ways in which business has changed.

Instant communication

Internet along with technology have enabled instant communication between company and customers. Social media allows companies to interact with people. It acts as a channel for promoting products, services and messages. Facebook has 900 million global users and many companies have presence in it. Companies do not have to spend too much time in marketing communication nowadays.

Distribution of content

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Companies share not only messages about their products. They share pictures and videos of their products. Messages to not draw attention of all people. But pictures attract the attention of people. In this way everybody gets to know about products and brands. Companies benefit as their consumer reach increases.

Driver of data

Due to the advancement in technology, companies get more data about their customers. Marketers get a tremendous amount of knowledge. They get to know which metrics are important for company success. Companies must be specific about their business outcomes. They get to know which customer channels are going to pay off. With the help of technologies and channels, companies engage with their customers. They involve more with the customers who are likely to buy their products. Companies get insights from the data that drives their business. Through it, they get to know the pain points of a customer. Companies aim to create content which is personalized and customer focused. They want to grab the attention of customers and engage them.

Transparent information

Nowadays customers want to know everything about the company from which they purchase. Companies that produce food and beverages need to be transparent. It has been proven that companies with transparent data have more loyal customers. Even if some company does not declare all information, customers get to know it. This is due to Internet and technology.

Improved intimacy

Digital transformation has enhanced intimacy between companies and their customers. Companies are able to send personal messages on various occasions. This increases their customer retention. Social media marketing has enabled companies to influence people. Brands persuade and engage customers in this way.

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