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Love at First Sight

The warmth that I feel in your hugs cannot be described… this article is not for my lover, nor for my friends… this article is dedicated entirely to my mom and dad

They are and will always be my first friends. Their value cannot be weighed.

We all need to be loved, adored, appreciated and pampered but what is the importance of parents in our life?

The simplest answer would be to think of the lives of orphans and we’ll all realise how important our parents are to us.

I can write a really big answer to this question, but there would not be words enough, there would be no more sheets to fill.

If you are not close to your parents, just think for a while of not what they have done for you, but of what you have done for them. They may scold you a lot, fight with you a lot and not talk to you for several days. But there is no moment when they don’t think of you before doing anything for themselves.

Mom, I remember you would have sleepless nights when you got something extremely expensive for yourself. You always wondered what you could have done with that money for me. There were times when you denied me certain things for my own benefit, which I didn’t realize then. But I do realize now. You have always been correct in everything you did.

Dad, I remember how impolite I was to you many-a-times. And you always forgave me. You guided me the best always. I will always be thankful to you.

We fight a lot, but I know, deep within, I always love you both unconditionally, and I know you love me more.

Your love is the most expensive present which nobody else can give me ever.

Yashika Gupta
Yashika Gupta
"The desire to write grows with writing."


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