How to Stay in Touch With Your Inner Self in Life

Our regular life pushes us to change our behavior, change our thinking and mature with time to deal with everyday situations. Sometimes it goes to such an extent that you feel lost. It is important that along with adapting to change one must be able to stay in touch with inner self.

We might have the perfect family, friends and if lucky the perfect one but life does not guarantee that they will be there to help you in difficult situations and it is you who has to take tough decisions.

So able to hear yourself is a must.

Here are 5 things you can do to be in touch with yourself. These are simple and can be adapted to our day to day life.

Talking to yourself:

talking into mirror

This might sound crazy but yes talking to yourself when you are alone will help you in bringing clarity of plan that you are working on. It helps you in raising up your own moral in case if you don’t have anyone around. It also reduces the amount of dependency on others to maintain our esteem.

Try doing this in front of a mirror before a tough situation or anytime you are feeling low.

It might feel awkward, weird but doing it does help in relaxing and being with yourself.

Writing a Diary:


You must have heard this suggestion plenty of times but putting your thoughts and feeling into something could help you let go all the bottled up emotions. Going through them will help you know your thought process and how to improve it. Not a big fan of writing then you can make video blogs. Some day you could have a good laugh on going through them.

Going for long walks:


Long walks will help you calm down and listen to yourself more. A walk in the garden or lanes for 45 minutes will release endorphins, the happiness chemical. Try trekking or cycling closets nature if possible. Watching nature will make you happy in mysterious ways.

Maintaining a hobby:

painting to improve life

In this age of technology, the first thing a person does on finding few free minutes would be watching some show or be on social media. It does help in relaxing as we assume. It mutes our head. So instead of sticking with technology all the time try simple hobbies like knitting, coin collection, painting. Now you don’t have to be a Picasso to make successful portraits but drawing, using colors as you feel like gives you a sense of power and authority which you might be craving. You can also try cooking new recipes. It also proves to be therapeutic.

Asking Why?

asking why in life

When we used to be kids we always had why in our head. Why is this like this? Why is the color of sky blue? Why do only coconuts have water in them? and so on. We learned some answers we forgot remaining questions. We stopped questioning and satisfied our question of why with this is supposed to be like this. Let us start questioning ourselves more. It will help us realise what kind of person we have turned out to be and is it a good one or bad. It will not only help us in finding answers about ourselves but also motivate us in working for a better society. Like it will motivate you to vote so that you can have better roads and infrastructure. It could help you stand up for someone who is being treated wrongly.

You don’t get to live a moment again but you can prepare yourself to not repeat the same behavior in a similar situation.

In this fast pacing world where physical and mental health is competing to bring a person down you can keep them at bay by being sane and being you.

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