Girls don’t only carry a purse, but a mini-world with every kind of stuff inItheir bags. Not only make-up products but several kinds of emergency kits are also found in their bags. Apart from these, there are several other equipments too, a girl should carry in their bag.
    Few of them are-



    Long time ago, ladies used safety pins in their kurtis or sarees permanently , so as to use them in the case of emergency. But the tiny safety pin can also be used as a safety equipment accordingly.


    Although cashless India is on the peak of all discussions today, but keeping adequate amount of cash in your wallet is the foremost need. It is not necessary that you are always in a location which is friendly to your card transaction format. There might be a possibility that there are NO ATM’s installed at some area , where you are accidentally stuck for some reason. Therefore, check your wallet everyday for appropriate cash, before leaving home.


    3. SNACKS-

    Either you are in a market or in your college, it happens many times when hunger strikes you hard and there is nothing to eat around us. At that time snacks are the best savior .  Always keep some packed snacks, biscuits, roasted peanuts or roasted chanas or any fruit with you and a bottle filled up with fresh water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic, every time.



    Mobile is a synonym to oxygen these days. You can’t even think of moment spent without your phone these days. Internet , selfies, story updates are the new names for addiction. And if in this smooth 4G speed enjoyment, your phone’s battery drains out? Exasperating! Then , to avoid such a situation , always carry a handy portal charger and a power bank in your bag.



    The sweaty, oily skin disrupts the flawlessness of your fair complexion. Perspiration and dampness are very common in hot, sweaty days. The above 3 things i.e cotton, Tissue paper and band-aid are a must for this fix.
    Shoe-bite, is a common issue when new footwear is tried, so to avoid this, try applying cotton on your shoe-soles. It will definitely decrease this problem to an extent.


    6. CARD-HOLDER –

    This Lilliputian sized device has many utilities. Be it a Metro Card, Debit Card, I-Card or Pan Card. It carries them all-together smoothly, without any hassle and keeps your essential cards classified from the other stuff.




    Keep some of the zippered pouches with you. Classify your things categorically . Keep Make-Up products and First-Aid kit in one, and other important document in other pouch, and in the third keep your cash and other essential things. It helps keeping your things systematically in your bag.



    If you want to keep your introduction short ,crisp and professional at the first meeting, then visiting card will definitely work for you. It restricts you from defining yourself verbally in detail with all sorts of professional information in it.



    Keeping yourself safe is totally in your hands. There are possibilities many at times, the conditions might not be the same as predicted. For that time Pepper’s SPRAY is the apt weapon for that moment. It gives you a chance for self-defense  and an unknown feeling of security too. It psychologically boosts up your self confidence to an extent.



    Brushing your teeth after every 5 to 6 hours is not possible, but you still want your breath to be fresh as snow! what to do? Mouth-Freshener is the answer. Do not forget to keep a Mouth-Freshener in your bag. Either you may opt a Mouth-Freshening Spray or a natural Mouth-Freshener like cardamoms or fennel seeds will work effectively.