Hello best friends

10 years down the line, let me go with that thought what will I be doing? Well, sitting in my apartment with my two best friends laughing, giggling, remembering the days and years we passed together the happy ones, the sad ones, the mixed emotional ones, the mood swings ones, the breakup ones, fights, cry, argue and what not! It is said that if you have your school best friend still as your best friend then they are forever! IF you have one best friend then that’s true, but if you have two best friends then you are a lucky one.

I have my two schools best friends, we aren’t sisters by blood, but sisters by soul, it has already been 10 years more since we are best friends, in fact, sisters. Only two survivors of my life, who are trusted by my mother. Let me be in any mood, sad, depress or happier or let it be the biggest news, it’s always them who I have to tell to; my new friends or my old one. They are the only one who knows the true me after my family, my good habits, my bad ones my deepest secret.


We hang out together, go for long drives and laugh till stomach aches not everyone gets our stupid jokes, and people might think that they’re immature and childish, but together we make them funny and get a good laugh out of it! We have that telepathy where we know that if we are fine or not, As days are passing and we are busy building our career we never forget to celebrate our days together, birthdays and family party best of all is they bear my voice crack when I sing a song though I love that because I love annoying them!

It’s never a day I got a chance to thank them, but just thank you is not enough because they have given more than I deserve.
Thank you again,
Best friends.

The confused soul
The confused soul
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