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8 sports that have become increasingly popular in India

Playing and watching games and the championships are the one thing that Indian people love the most. One can read about cricket odds on cricket odds at 10Cric India. Some tournaments and leagues are becoming more popular in India. People have a keen interest in different sports to watch and explore them from very close. Earlier the only popular game in India was cricket, but nowadays, people are indulging themselves in others too. Therefore, there is a list of games that people love to watch and to become popular in India. Here we are going to discuss those games and why they are becoming popular.

Top 8 popular sports in India:

1. Cricket– Not the national game but more popular than the national game. Cricket is the most popular game in India that people love to watch and even play. The interest in the game is because of the enthusiastic players who play so well and entertain people. Even people love to bet on this tournament often. There are many teams and the leagues that is being organized in India and other countries. Indian team is actively participating in all the competitions and winning many of them.

2. Football– Top-rated in India. Earlier football was not a very popular game in India as very fewer people opt to play. But nowadays it is the most famous game in Northeast India. The state like Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and many more are indulging themselves in this game for watching and playing. After 2015 it is another famous game in India after cricket.

3. Hockey– National Game. Even after being the national game of India, Hockey didn’t get that much popularity in India before 2011, but in the last decade, the popularity of this game got a hike. Many of the Indian players are now playing hockey and using it as one of the optimistic matches to play. Gamblers are also gambling on the tournament of this game.

4. Badminton- Contributed to women empowerment. The badminton is not a very popular game, but it became trendy after a few female champions who got the international trophies for India. It is a game that helps to realize how women are essential. It also shows their empowerment and their contribution to our country.

5. Kabaddi– Ancient Game of India. Kabaddi is the most ancient game in India. People are playing from villages to urban cities. It became increasingly popular in India after the introduction of Pro Kabaddi. Many champion players are playing Kabaddi for a long time and now coaching the new players to get the championship for our India.

6. Tennis- Again popular game in India that got hike from the last few years. Many female Indian players have won the championship trophies for India in tennis. A viral game among young children and the youth to play this game for learning the tactics.

7. Wrestling- After Kabaddi, it is the most famous ancient game in India that is getting hike from 2008. India has made the record of winning many international and national tournaments. Earlier it was only played in the villages, but now the urban cities and proper grounds are being reserved for the preparation of championships.

8. Boxing- Again popular game in India that is getting hike from last few years. Even the movies are there in Bollywood on this game to show the enthusiasm of the player. The tournaments are being held for boxing at various parts of the world. And India is actively participating in all.

Therefore we have discussed the most popular eight games in India that are becoming increasingly popular. People from all over the world love to play these games, and Indians are indulging themselves also. There are many Indian champion players from different sports leagues. The government is also helping the players to practice through the best techniques. It is a very honorable thing for India that they are getting so many trophies from various leagues for India. Apart from this, Gamblers are also choosing the games as per their interest to gamble. In every popular League, there are one or two games that Gambler will pick to bet.


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