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Introduction to Latent View Analytics

“The last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business.” – Aaron Levie

The recent years have experienced steep growth for businesses thanks to the Digital Revolution that has not only provided excellent business solutions to new start-ups and big firms but has also played a crucial role in the transformation of the entire business world! All thanks to Digital Transformation, conventional growth strategies have become a thing of the past!

The new-age businesses are now shifting their focus from traditional growth tactics to modern Business Analytics. Business Analytics has proved itself as one of the major factors fuelling the growth and development of several businesses. From displaying relevant facts to analyzing business data to providing business solutions, one can now have access to everything under one roof.

This article will give a detailed review of one such Global Analytics Firm – The Latent View Analytics, which has brought forth a digital revolution across the global business sector! Read the article till the end to know more about Latent View Analytics, Latent View Analytics IPO, and the Latent View Analytics Share Price.

Latent View Analytics – A Global Data And Smart Analytics Firm

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Introduction to Latent View Analytics

Established in the year of 2006 by Venkat Viswanathan, Latent View is a Global Data and Analytics Firm based in Chennai. Latent View Analytics was established with the goal of bringing digital transformation to the world of business. The Advanced Analytics firm specializes in Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Smart Digital Solutions. Latent View Analytics has recorded its name as one of the best Analytics firms which has collaborated with 30 out of the different Fortune 500 Companies, providing them with Smart Business Solutions to fuel the growth of their business. Apart from Fortune 500, Latent View Analytics has also successfully partnered with different other departments such as petroleum and oil sectors, financial departments, technological firms, automotive industries, etc.

Products And Services Of Latent View Analytics

Latent View Analytics specializes in several business services such as Business Analytics, Advanced Digital Solutions, Data Engineering, and Consulting Services. Counting down the line, Latent View Analytics also provides business services to blue-chip companies, consumer goods, and BFSI industries among others! The Global Data Analytics firm designs and creates practical analytical solutions for clients across the globe. The clientele includes industries from Asia, the United States, and Europe. Latent View Analytics firm has created different Smart business products to help in the growth and development of different businesses.

If this has piqued your interest, read on to know more about the different products created by Latent View Analytics.


One of the revolutionary services offered by Latent View Analytics is SmartInsights. SmartInsights uses AI or Artificial Intelligence to help with product innovation. This AI-powered service helps identify trends, analyses the trends, and helps create catchy and attractive stories to be used by digital marketers.


Talking about the products and services offered by Latent View Analytics, MatchView is yet another revolutionary invention! A design-of-experiments platform, MatchView is made to refine both online and offline acquisition of clients, retention campaigns, improving advertisements, and. Upgrading the store layouts. Besides, MatchView also makes use of linear mixed effects regression models and other innovative statistical frameworks to help with improved digital marketing.


Casper, also known as Conversational Analytics System Personalized is yet another revolutionary creation by the Chennai-based Analytics firm. Casper, an AI-powered tool, helps in the analysis of market share, digital marketing campaigns, etc. According to the words of Latent View Analytics, no prior knowledge or expertise of coding is required to utilize Casper.

Everything About The Latent View Analytics IPO

The Latent View Analytics IPO for the year 2021 was initiated on 09th November 2021 and was terminated on 11th November 2021. Fresh offers and offers for sale were the biggest attraction of the Latent View Analytics Share Price. The total issue size was 600 crores, out of which 474 crores consisted of a fresh issue and the remaining 126 crores counted itself as sale offers.

According to the Latent View Analytics IPO, the fresh issue of Rs. 474 crores was utilized to fuel the organic and inorganic growth and development of the firm. In addition, the funds collected from the Latent View Analytics Share Price were used to finance the subsidiaries to magnify the growth of the company in the global business market.

According to sources, the Latent View Analytics IPO was headed and managed by Axis Capital, Haitong Securities, and ICICI Securities. Link Intime India was authorized to be the registrar of the Latent View Analytics IPO.

Latent View Analytics – The Future Of Business Analytics

The Latent View Analytics, a pure play Analytics firm based in Chennai has a strong potential to blow up in the next few years! Functional expertise, coupled with a positive relationship with different clients across countries will multiply its engagement in the coming future. Furthermore, survey reports suggest that the Data and Analytics industry is expected to grow at a steep rate of 18 percent to approximately $333 billion by 2024, which also means positive growth for Latent View Analytics!

But, as the saying goes, everything in this world comes with disadvantages. Although a plethora of capabilities is expected to drive the growth rate of this Analytics firm, several factors are to keep in mind!

Severe competition in the pure play analytics market may slow down the growth rate of Latent View Analytics. To keep up with the ever-changing trends, the company also needs to upgrade its business strategy. It is high time that Latent View Analytics now take its game to a notch higher and invest in other sectors such as research, and development, besides technology and oil and gas! In addition, the owners should also take into account refining and updating its business strategies and technologies to drive more sales.


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