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How Industry Dominates Newbies

It’s harsh but true some of you might have faced this or you might face It in future, at times industry dominates you for no reason. Let me give you how this whole process is carried out or where actually you may face this domination.

Industry that I am talking about can be MNC’s or Person belonging to such big company or an experienced person having served in company and now is a founder of the company.

Case 1

MNC collaborating with SME

In this case today many MNC(Multi National Company) outsource some works to SME(Small Medium Enterprise) as they quote lesser price compared to big company. MNC people target SME due to many reasons e.g. its costs less amount when they outsource the work, they get product delivery on time etc. Few MNC take this advantage and try to dominate small companies. They think the TAG itself is enough to threaten small companies. MNC do not pay on time to vendors and the reason they give is” you know how our process is, it takes too long to for payment clearance”. Even after working damn hard they do not pay on time. They will ask to deliver certain task within an hour which small companies still do even if that task may take a day, small companies work even after office hours still they do not get what they deserve.

Some MNC people are hired from top B schools, so they normally do not have practical knowledge and then they get an opportunity to develop new products. First of all they will ask SME to provide suggestions and work on it. Then they interrupt in between and ruin the whole product. At the end they blame SME.

This is what happening in our market today. People do not have much idea about it.
It’s not only about MNC, It’s about people who are handling and continuing the chain, The founder does not even know what is happening in his company.


How Industry Dominates Newbies

Case 2

Experienced Industry Professional (Owner of a company) collaborating with Young Professional (Working as freelancer)

Some experienced people open a company and then outsource few works. Few of them contact their network, juniors, or register at certain website from where they can hire people to do work.

Few of them take their juniors for granted they will get the work done and in the end they will delay in payments. As they are hiring freelancers, generally they do not have contract so clients delay the payments. Then they will teach you how to deliver work and take follow-up. As you won’t get payment on time and you have been told that you will get payment by certain date and once you do not get it, what you will do? You will remind them right? Every time when you do not get you will call /email/text them.

This people will clear your payments and in the end they will blame you for not giving work as per expectations and on time. At the end its will ruin your relationship with them.

All this may or may not happen to you. Remember to work with people whom you think can be trusted and who will pay you on time.

Sometimes you get to know your seniors actual attitude in terms of professionalism when you get an opportunity to work for/with them.

To all the students or fresher working in a company here is my request always be honest and always communicate with other in a way that do not hurt someone as you will be someday at senior level. You are the one who can stop this domination when it’s your turn to lead the company. Learn from your mistakes, experience and move-on in life.

Do let me know if you have faced any such domination in past!

Thank you!


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