10 Mouth-Watering Street Foods of ‘The City of Joy’, KOLKATA .

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    Kolkata – The City of Joy. Well this is not only the birth place of some of the greatest men on earth, or the place which has a diverse culture, or the educational hub of East India, or the place which has some of the most astonishing monuments, but this metropolitan  city located on the banks of Hoogly river offers an array of street foods to all. People of all age groups love street foods. Street foods are basically small packs of happiness.

    Kolkata does not only offers its very own foods but also due to diversified culture it has incorporated the foods of other states and has emerged to be a master in making them. So here is an assembled list of all the delicious street foods offered by this great city:

    This small thing can bring an ear to ear smile on your face. It has a stuffing of spicy smashed potato(alu) and is dipped in and offered with ‘tetul-jol’ (tamarind pulp). If you live in Kolkata but haven”t tried this yet then you should not think again but rush to taste it. It is full of flavours and love. Found at every corner of Kolkata’s streets ‘Fuchka’ is loved by all and has to be the number one on this list.s452219237569189479_p2_i1_w485

    • JHAL- MURI :

    Another spicy and delish snack. Made by mixing puffed rice( muri) with various ingredients (like boiled potato, tomato, cucumber, coriander, nuts, lime juice etc.)  and spices, served in paper cones this tasty treat is very popular among all. On a train journey or as an evening snack it is Kolkata’s favourite. Once you are in Kolkata you cannot dare to miss it.



    ‘Alur -chop’ ,’Beguni’ , ‘Peyaji’ these are familiar terms for any citizen of Kolkata. But to all those who do not know these , these are deep fried snacks. Available at small roadside stalls, and can be eaten with puffed rice. We also get Fish kabiraji, dimer devil, and other sorts of cutlets. These are common item to for all street food lovers.  Kolkata-Street-Food-Chop-Telebhaja

    • GHUGNI :

    This delicacy is also available outside Kolkata but is Kolkata’s very own. It is made out of ‘Matar-dal’ and is thick and spicy with salad toppings, chillies and ‘tetul-jol’. It is a really good food for when hungry and once you have it you will surely crave for it. download (6)

    • LUCHI and ALUR-DOM :

    This food combination is the heart of all Bengalis. Luchi which is basically made of flour can also be served with ‘begun bhaja (fried brinjal)’ or ‘ cholar dal’. Alur dom is a spicy potato curry. Both of them absolutely compliment each other. These are famous as breakfast delicacy. It has another form like kochuri alur dom which is easily available and really tasty. download (7)

    • ROLLS :

    Well have I neglected the meat eaters? Well then for them, here it is Rolls also known as Kathi Rolls. These are basically wraps which has stuffing of veggies, chicken, meat, egg depending on what we choose for. It also has onions, spicy sauces, all into one. This is really cheap and is easily available.  Hawkers  along roadside shouting and calling people to try rolls is a common scene of Kolkata’s streets. For all meat lovers this is a must try.


    • ALU- KABLI :

    Want a snack which can be easily rustled up when in hurry? Well then you don’t have to think anymore this spicy street food is what you need. This dish has boiled potatoes with chick peas, onions, tomatoes, coriander, tamarind pulp, chopped chillies, and spices. It is really tasty and a comfort food for everyone. maxresdefault


    A true bong will always know the happiness of having ghoti gorom in evenings. Sellers walking down dark lanes and the sound or the bells or keys as they move is quite familiar. Ghoti gorom is basically chanachur with onions, nuts, spices, raw mango and is served hot. This must be tried and once had you will want it more. download (8)

    • SHINGARA ;

    Also known as Samosa in other parts of country but Kolkata calls it Shingara. A well known snack of the city. Stuffed with potatoes, onions, nuts and other ingredients and spices this is served with chutney. It is available at sweet shops and even roadside stalls. This hot spicy Shingara really has some great flavours and is truly mouth watering. On a winter evening a cup of tea and shingara would really be perfect.



    After all the hot spicy food stuffs last item on my list would be chanar jilipi  . It is a sweet find on the streets of Kolkata and is loved by all. It is made out of cottage cheese(paneer, chana) and is fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. This is really common among bongs. Other types of sweets are also there like chanar goja, sandesh, the epic Mishti doi. These sweets reflect history and love. And once in Kolkata you cannot go without having them. chhena.jilipi-300x211

    Well, here we come to the end of the list of the mouth watering delicacies which ‘The City of Joy’ offers, there are many more for that you got to come and explore. Once you plan to come to Kolkata all these food items are a must try. Once had, one will surely fall in love with them and have them again and again.

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