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Craziest facts about Kings

We all are aware of Kings and their Kingdoms during our childhood through our history books. The books that we studied has provided us only the information about the Kings sacrifice, the Royalty of Kings, the great wars fought by those kings, the sacrifices made by them and their contribution to their kingdom and their people. Let’s have some crazy facts about the Kings all over the world.

  • King Louis XIV was offered biological weapons by a chemist. He rejected them and paid the chemist to never sell it to anyone.
  • At 16, King Henry V was hit by an arrow in the face during a battle. He said he would rather continue fighting than low his reputation.
  • Akihito, the Emperor of Japan is the only remaining monarch on Earth with the title of “The Emperor”.
  • Once Napoleon III invited the King of Siam to dinner, Napoleon ate in gold cutlery while the King Siam ate with aluminum cutlery. Earlier aluminum was worth more than gold.
  • Poland was once ruled by a king named Augustus II, people called him the strong. He used to break horseshoes with his bare hands.
  • The doctor to King George V gave him a dose of morphine so that his death should be announced in the prestigious morning papers than the less reputable evening journals.
  • President of France is co prince of Andorra. This makes Andorra the only nation on Earth with democratically elected monarch.
  • Persian King Darious III offered Alexander the Great $1 billion USD to surrender. Alexander turned it down and proceeded to plow through Persia.
  • In 1140 when the Weibertreu Castle in Germany was defeated by King Konrad III. King Konrad asked the women leave the castle with whatever they could carry. The Royal women left carrying the men on their backs. King Konrad III was astonished and stayed true to his word and let them live.
  • Many French and British kings often had very open affairs. The children of these affairs were called royal bastards. They often received money and land.
  • Letizia Ramolino is known as the mother of monarchs. Her kids included Napoleon – The Emperor of France, Joseph -King of Spain and Louis -King of Holland.
  • Bluetooth technology was named after the great king Harald, the King of Denmark and Norway because Harald united the two kingdoms of Denmark and Norway just like Bluetooth technology was intended to unite wireless devices.
  • The Great King Leonidas was 60 years old when he fought Xerxes.
  • King Olav V of Norway used to travel in public transportation. He was nicknamed folkekonge, or the people’s king.


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