Indian Education System Needs to Learn a Thing or Two from Finnish Education System


Indian children don’t have it simple with regards to class and instruction. Kids as youthful as 2-3 year old are sent to play schools. What’s more, they begin with rudimentary tutoring from 3-4 years old. At an age when they can’t walk straight, they are as of now conveying school sacks on their shoulders.

You don’t understand how time flies and the following minute you’re sitting for half-yearly exams and last test of the years, and before you know it, you’re stuck in an endless cycle, an awful web you’ll be tangled in for the following 14-15 years of your life.

Indian Education System Needs to Learn a Thing or Two from Finnish Education System

In any case, the children in Finland are having a great time. They invest their school energy playing in the grounds, climbing trees and visiting with their companions to their heart’s substance. What’s more, for this very reason, the understudies of Finland end up being to a great degree shrewd and effective. Furthermore, India can learnt a considerable measure from them.

Here are 10 astounding certainties about Finland’s instruction framework that make it so amazing:

  • Finnish kids don’t go to class till the age of 7.
  • There is no evaluating or estimation framework to judge an understudy’s capacities and information, for the initial 6 years.
  • They take just a single exam in the greater part of their tutoring years. Only ONE.
  • Also, that is the point at which they turn 16
  • Primary school understudies just have 20 hours of classes for each week. That is 4 hours in a day. What’s more, seldom any homework!
  • Understudies appreciate 15 minutes break after each class.
  • Also, 75 minutes of break in which they are allowed to do anything they feel like, aside from having lunch.
  • The educational system of Finland is 100 percent state-subsidized.
  • Indeed, even the instructors get advantages. They spend just 4 hours a day educating.
  • They get incredible pay for the work they do and are viewed as no not as much as specialists and designers.

So you see? On how much you were missing till now. The Indian Education system does need to change and for good. There is a need to have a more vocational focused courses that introduces the students to what is actually happening in the job world and what does the industry and employers actually want. Do share with us on how you feel about it and what changes do you want to see in the same.

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Indian Education System Needs to Learn a Thing or Two from Finnish Education System

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