Imagination is a more valuable asset than experience

Imagination, what is imagination? Is it thinking out of the box? Yes, Imagination nothing but thinking out of the box. Every person can think but, Is he/she thinking imaginary way or not? Only the question.

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Knowledge is not a big issue for the imagination. With the help of imagination, we gain a lot of knowledge because imagination won’t have boundaries so by imagination the knowledge also won’t have boundaries. Imagination has no age. Imagination takes us from everywhere. The reality is only for those people who lack their imagination.


Then what is Experience? Experience is the teacher of all the things. The only source of knowledge experiences and at the same time, the only source of experience is imagination.


In order to gain the experience the person should have the imagination for example without imagination, the Graham Bell can’t invent the phone. By the imagination, he invented the phone so the persons who gained the experience by using it they invented the wireless phones and by the knowledge of the wireless phone android phones are invented.

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Good advice comes from the bad experience. And the experienced person only called as the wisdom person. So the person to be called as the wisdom person firstly the root thing he has to be imaginative.


If you have the experience automatically your confidence builds up. So for all these things there should not be worry and negativity in our minds.  By this, our imagination is misused.

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sri sudheera
sri sudheera
Not a writer but love writing.Believes only in"Better To Fail In Originality Than To Succeed In Imitation."

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