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IBPS: Your Passport To A Successful Career In Banking

Walk up to any student in the 12th these days and ask them about their future study plans, the answer is almost always engineering. But when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, there’s plenty of opportunity in other domains and specialisations for today’s youngsters to forge a successful career. The banking industry is a particularly interesting option to pursue. The passport to this field?The IBPS.

IBPS is a government body that stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. This government-run recruiting body conducts examinations for candidates having an interest in making a career in the banking sector or finance department in government jobs. Three significant bodies jointly govern IBPS:

  1. Reserve Bank of India
  2. Finance Ministry of India
  3. National Institute of Bank Management

These are the major authorities that oversee IBPS examinations. However, there are other banking and government institutions that play an essential part in their conduction and decision making.

IBPS receives crores of applications every year. It is because banking is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and it acts as the backbone of any economy. Likewise, the benefits offered to the IBPS PO 2020 (Probationary Officer) are very attractive. 

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Tests basic knowledge

IBPS: Your Passport To A Successful Career In Banking
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Unlike other competitive exams, IBPS does not assess a person by going into technicality, but it evaluates candidates based on their basic knowledge and ability to answer. As many appear for the IBPS PO exam, a lot of them get shortlisted for further rounds of selection due to multiple vacancies in the banking sector. 

It is the only reason why most people have developed a trust for IBPS, as it opens the door to one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Understanding the pattern

The competition for the IBPS PO exam is relatively high. But it is not difficult to crack. For preparing for the exam, one needs to keep all the basic and technical information on the point. There is a division of this exam in three parts — preliminary exam, mains exam, and interview. 

One can find IBPS bank exam online mock test easily on the platforms like AspireBuzz, which help aspirants understand the pattern and the difficulty level of exams clearly. Once the pattern is followed, the candidate can start his preparation section-wise, starting from the most difficult to the easiest.

Offers a fast career growth

IBPS PO in the banking sector provides a very promising growth, not just professionally but personally too. The banking sector is known for its fast promotions. In a matter of a few years, one can be promoted directly to the general manager post. With a higher position, the benefits also increase. 

Most of the public sector banks have their branches in different parts of India and even abroad. Thus, getting along with the banking sector can take you to numerous regions in the country, as well as abroad, where one can explore a new life.

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Multiple salary benefits

Regularly attempting IBPS online mock tests (or for that matter any exam), helps candidates clear the exam with confidence, clarity and ease. Once cleared, the salary offered to the IBPS Probationary Officer has a lot of benefits apart from just a basic salary. 

The salary benefits offered to an IBPS PO differ from bank to bank, but the basic structure remains the same, ranging from telephone travel allowances to an increase in pension. There is a reimbursement for almost everything. On top of this, with promotions, the benefits also tend to increase with experience.

Job security

IBPS helps one to attain job security that one can never achieve in the private sector, even if he is at the biggest of the posts. Job security is one of the essential parts to leading a comfortable life. Upon clearing the exam, one need not worry about changing jobs often. 

The banking sector is a field where people easily spend 30-40 years with regular promotions and travels involved. Other than the public sector, no other industry can offer a candidate permanent job security.

Major banks affiliation

Most major banks in India have an affiliation with IBPS. The banks participating in IBPS are State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, Syndicate Bank, Cooperative Bank, Punjab National Bank and many more. 

One can be sure that clearing the exam will get him an opportunity to work with one of the finest and the best banks in the country, with multiple branches spread all across India and even abroad.


IBPS acts as a platform for you, with the help of which you can make a career in one of the most reputable sectors out there. The preparation does not take a lot of effort and time, thanks to  a recent spurt in online platforms that help aspirants attempt mock tests from the comfort of their home. Once you start solving the online mock tests for the IBPS bank exam and are regular with it, clearing this exam becomes way easier. Once cleared, you will have a career in banking set for yourself. Preparing with dedication can help you rise up the ranks, and within a few years, you can be at a managerial position with lots of benefits in hand.

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