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FEELING WRETCHED: Don't be so...!

It happens many times in life, when your soul feel detached and dejected from the world… Many times it happens that we our under the grip of some kind of consternation and trepidation, that something inauspicious or ominous may happen. An abrupt burst of emotions, a feeling of downheartedness, displays the lack of confidence in our personality. Even if there is an evident reason…still it is a sign of glitched confidence and negative vision. A person’s confidence shakes up at that very moment and he gets a amorted feel when he loses his belief over THE SUPREME POWER…

FEELING WRETCHED: Don't be so...!

In HINDU MYTHOLOGY, it is said that when a soul has been through eighty four lacs different lives of creatures , then he has been rewarded with a life of a human being. If he has revolved around this vast circle of lives, still if he doubts over the existence of Supreme power, then no one can be a bigger blockhead than him. One is blessed to be a human being and that is a biggest and distinct reason, than one should be charged with hope, ambition and confidence. The time which is gifted to you in the form of life should not be wasted, instead of this, every second or micro second should be utilized . Second thing to talk upon is the unknown fright and dismay that is caused. There is no such thing in the universe , which can be said to as a portent. What’s happening or what is going to happen in future, is inescapable…This  is so because.. it involves the wish of the ALMIGHTY…!! So any kind of anxiousness or fear is futile. When  one develops belief over the justice done by God, then his soul is filled with immense pleasure. We get to know about God’s affection, that whatever he has created in the universe, it is quirky in it’s own way, even if it is the stones  and pebbles of the path; each and every single thing on the universe is blessed with some or the other unique quality… and the whole package of qualities is a human being in comparison to other existing creatures of the earth. If a human being is enlightened with such knowledge , that he is blessed he is blessed  is blessed.


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