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How To Beat The Bangalore Traffic and Expenses?

Life Hacks To Handle The Traffic Problem In Bangalore:

The capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, The Silicon Valley of India, The top hub of startups in the country, the city with the highest number of researchers and the list can keep going on. The only city that can match up to the description above is Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru. Having stated everything above we cannot deny the fact that the traffic menace in Bangalore is out of bounds and control.

The most predictable reasons for the traffic problems in Bangalore can be equated to its huge population of over ten million. To top it all, rapid urbanization, Government level corruption, bad infrastructure, poor city planning, bad coverage provided by the existing metro rail services etc have all contributed to the traffic problems in Bangalore. The condition of the roads in Bangalore is Inadequate, they are broken and narrow, filled with potholes, void of proper lane markings and the condition just gets worse in the monsoons. Another problem that contributes to the traffic is the water tankers and the trucks that are parked arbitrarily and they cause huge traffic jams eventually. Hence it’s important to keep a check on Unauthorised parking. The inefficient metro lines in Bangalore do not provide enough connectivity when compared to the other metropolitan cities. They are poorly maintained and are not up to the mark.

How To Beat The Bangalore Traffic and Expenses?
How To Beat The Bangalore Traffic and Expenses?

What can be done in such a situation? will the traffic menace ever go away in Bangalore? Well the most obvious answer would be no, but I believe prevention is better than cure and there are surely ways through which the problem can be effectively reduced if not eradicated.  The most basic measures start from proper traffic signal management and bringing in restrictions on the number of trucks and trailers permitted in the city. This will tremendously reduce not just the traffic problems but will also help resolve the pollution crisis being faced throughout the country. Restrictions on the number of Ola and Uber licenses allowed in a city is another measure that can be taken. Proper driving sense must be enabled in people by regulating and implementing stricter traffic rules and punishing the wrongdoers severely. Metro rails in Bangalore surely need an up-gradation and need to provide greater coverage throughout the city. Having said that no matter how efficient the metro rails get, they only include a small percentage of Bengaluru’s commuters.

The government authorities should work towards constructing One-way traffic roads as much as possible so that the traffic flow is smooth and the jams are reduced. Also owing to the fact that Bangalore is dominated by 70% two-wheelers, hence a separate lane for two-wheelers must be built, so that the traffic speed is not reduced and the number of traffic jams will also reduce. The government authorities should concentrate on constructing more subways rather than the signals as that will help regulate and control the traffic effectively, just as implemented in Ahmedabad. Things are always easier said than done but even if 10% of the people in the city start commuting through eco-friendly means like cycles to nearby destinations, the amount of traffic will eventually reduce. Bike pooling is also another alternative that can be adopted. Switching to public transport when commuting to shorter distance places will also help in a positive way.

The above-stated solutions are only measures and the possible ways to deal with the traffic problem in Bangalore or as a matter of fact in any city, but only when the citizens will own up to basic things like traffic rules and using eco-friendly transport means can we say a change has been inculcated. Until then hoping for a cleaner and traffic-free Bangalore city in the coming future.

Life Hacks To Beat The High-Cost Of Living In Bangalore:

Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather, the happening nightlife, delicious street food, various academic institutions, and whatnot, but Bangalore is also known to be one of the most expensive cities when it comes to India. It is undoubtedly the IT hub of India and hence all the youngsters are mostly concentrated here, Be it a family or an individual staying alone, managing the daily expenses is a herculean task in a city like Bengaluru. The GST taxes have only added to the current expenses. So how does one cut some slack and still lead a decent lifestyle in a city like Bangalore?

Let’s start with the most basic hacks that one can apply. So if you are living alone the best thing you could do would be to stay in an apartment or a PG which is close to your office or workplace, so that you can save money on travelling and it also saves time. Try to focus on just the apartment and the security aspect rather than focusing on lavish parks, pools and sports courts in your society, you can’t anyway spare time for these facilities when you have a 9-5 job. when travelling to short distance places one should try and commute via public transport for a change and also cut down on fuel expenses. If you are going to buy your own car try and buy a small affordable one and preferably a diesel car since petrol is very expensive. You can also go for eco-friendly options like CNG and LPG operated cars. Ola share or Uber pool would also do good when travelling within the city as they are economical.

How To Beat The Bangalore Traffic and Expenses?

Food is surely the most basic necessity and no one can do without it, but you must be smart in your choices. Try not to go to very extravagant and lavish hotels, the taste is what matters. Try to eat good street food on an outing or if you are relaxing back at home just use Swiggy or Zomato as they have so many discounts and offers. The best option would be to cook your own food as much as possible as it cuts down costs and is healthy too. Try to stick to the supermarket stores and the grocery stores that you visit since they help in cutting down the bills. Try to do most of your household chores on your own, since affording a maid in Bangalore for everything is very expensive. Try to do your own utensils, mopping and laundry at least. Try not to party and visit pubs on a regular basis. Twice or thrice in a month is sufficient. Bangalore’s Nightlife is very happening and that has lead to a steep rise in the entry charges of all the decent pubs and discos in Bangalore.  Also try to cut down the electricity costs and save electricity by switching off the lights and fans of your room when not in use, every bit counts. Coming to clothes, I would advise you to shop smart that is to buy clothes that make you feel happy. Not just when you wear them but also when you think of your bills. Affordable fashion is the next big thing according to me. Try not to be brand focused or someone who only shops in malls or Brand outlets. Try street shopping or shopping at stores such as Max, FBB, Reliance trends, and pantaloons. They offer a wide range of variety at affordable prices. In the end, it’s a piece of cloth and it all comes down to how you carry what you wear.

 Try to save whether you have just kick-started your career or you have a strong base in the industry. Savings will never go in vain. Try to save as much as possible and invest that money in an FD or SIP’S. Something is always better than nothing. Having said everything above, nothing is as difficult as it seems and if you know the tricks and hacks to an affordable lifestyle in any city, not just Bangalore, it’s only going to get better with time.

Dhairya Gangwani
Dhairya Gangwani
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