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Helpful Tips In Buying A Menstrual Cup

Even though the menstrual cup may be unconventional, the payoff is also undeniable for many women — reusable menstrual cups are less wasteful than tampons and pads. The information and how many ladies are so in love with the menstrual cup are already buzzing around the internet. That is why, for beginners, they got confused about how to buy the right menstrual cup.  Before purchasing a cup, there are many different brands to consider, so several factors need to be considered.

So here are some helpful tips for everyone on how to buy the right menstrual cup for you and stop worrying on regrets!

Tip # 1. Educate Yourself With Everything About Menstrual Cup

They may seem strange to you if you’re brought up in a society where cups aren’t commonly accessible. Cups, however, are healthier, cheaper, and more convenient than standard menstrual products.

Find out all you can about this item. You need to understand as much about the product as you can if you’re spending your cash. Know the pros and cons of getting a  menstrual cup. Friends advise that already uses a menstrual cup will be a great help in choosing a brand in specific.

Tip # 2. To determine the length of the cup you should purchase, measure your cervix.

Your cervix is the component that your menstrual fluid leaves in your vagina. Before you purchase a cup, it is essential to assess how far your cervix is in your vagina because some cups are longer and some are shorter, so they operate worse or better with individuals with a reduced or higher cervix. If you have a low cervix, you’re going to want a small size menstrual cup, more robust cup so it won’t ride down or poke out of you while wearing it.

To find out how high and low your cervix uses the following method before choosing which cup to purchase. Wait until you’re on your period because at distinct moments of your monthly cycle your cervix will be in distinct positions. You may also want to assess your duration on a pair of distinct days, because every day, it may not be precisely the same.

Insert a smooth finger gently and slowly back into your vagina, past your pelvic bone, some muscles, and some sort of’ empty’ room. Lubricant may be useful in finding the bit that feels a bit like a nose tip for this part. Wander around. Your cervix is a round nub in the center with an indentation.

Tip # 3. Know-How Heavy Your Menstruation Is

Some cups hold only about 11mL, while others hold only about 29mL. Observe how many tampons you use and how often you alter them on a particular day of your period. Then calculate your flow quantity for twelve hours using the tampon capabilities mentioned below. This would be your cup’s target capability. Generally speaking, it is best to overestimate rather than underestimate so that you don’t change your cup too often.

Pads have capabilities of about 100-500 ml, but by this stage, the pad would be completely saturated and leaked. There is no accurate way to calculate the capability you need when using pads, so just consider a cup of light flow capability (10-16ml), medium (17-22ml), or big (23-29ml).  Tampon capacities are Light/Regular: 6-9ml, Super: 9-12ml, Super plus: 12-15ml and Ultra: 15-18ml.

Tip # 4. Consider The Design Of The Cup

Cups come in various colors. They have frosted or slick finishes, rings of grips or no rings of grip. Stems may be hollow, flat, or cylindrical; some may have rings of grip or stems of the ball instead. All these things rely on the brand, and when you buy your cup, this is another feature to consider.

Tip # 5. Choose A Brand Of Your Menstrual Cup

Check the size charts below once you’ve figured out the length and ability you’d like to have in your cup. Cups are not one size suits all, because while you may be able to do any cup job, a little premeditation as mentioned above will guarantee that your cup is comfortable and has the right ability for you.

Tip # 6. Purchase Your Cup Online And In A Store

You can buy most menstrual cups over the internet and deliver them to your home address. Also, on the brand’s website, check the store locator to see if the brand is sold near you.


Most of us are afraid to try something new and just stick to the classic or in the traditional way. However, there are new things that can give us more convenience and benefits. We should not be afraid instead learn these new things and try it out to know if it works best for you or not. Menstrual cups are one of these latest inventions in making your menstruation easy and carefree. 


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