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What Is Back Pain?

Back pain is very common among people, especially among adults.

Most people deal it very casually and do not realise that back pain can be caused by other serious illnesses apart from wrong sleeping or sitting positions. Instead of seeking professional help most of us rely on pain killers and ointments.

A back pain can be categorized in three different types namely cervical or neck pain, thoracic or middle back pain and Lumbar/ Coccydynia (tailbone or sacral pain) or lower back pain.

Why is Back Pain a Common Problem?

The most popular reasons for back pains are incorrect posture, bad lifestyle, age, weight issues, etc.

Back pain is very common in older people, pregnant women and women in general are more likely to get back pain.

In case one ignores back pain for a long time, it can result in severity and become chronic.

If you suffering from back pain do not ignore it. Immediately seek medical help. If you are in need of a physiotherapist, just contact Portea and get professional services at your home.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Some of the causes of back pain are:

  • Strain of muscles and ligaments, muscle spasms, muscle tension and injuries due to falls are the mainreasons for most of back pains.
  • Back muscles are sometimes strained when a personlifts somethingheavy, improperly or suddenly.

Back Structural Problems

Sciatica, arthritis, Ruptured discs, bulging discs, abnormal curvature of the spine, osteoporosis and kidney infections or stones are some of the reasons of severe back pain.

Movement and Posture

Most of the back pains today in young adults and adults are caused because of bad postures, sudden jerks, standing or sitting for long periods at a stretch, driving for a long time.

This kind of back pain can be treated and cured with proper Physiotherapy sessions.


Back pain is a very common issue both during and after pregnancy due to hormonal changes, sudden weight gain and epidural injections.

Medication-related to back pain is not a safe option during pregnancy so the only remedy lies in physiotherapy. Physiotherapists who are experienced and well trained know exactly how to treat back pain during pregnancy.

Obesity or Overweight

Obesity is another common factor of back pain. Being overweight puts strain on the back and causes pain for most of the people who are slightly or very obese. The pain can frequently arise and go to come back again if not treated properly.

The most preferred remedy for this would be eating healthy and exercise. Losing weight will help the back pain to not persist and returning frequently. Physiotherapy will help too in such conditions.

Medical Condition

Many of us are unaware of the fact that back pains can be caused due to diseases like Infection of the Spine, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, and Kidney infections, Cauda Equina Syndrome, Cancer of the Spine, Sleep Disorders and Shingles.

Portea provides the best back pain physiotherapy solutions at your home and enjoys professional services.


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