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Must-have body massagers for a comfy living

Are you tired with all the stress and need a good body massage? But your sibling or your partner is just not kind enough to help you have a good time, neither do you have the budget to go and get a relaxing massage in a spa? Well then, here’s a complete guide for you on all the types of massagers, just get your hands on the one according to your needs and just sit back and relax!

Massager machines

These concise and handy tools are the solution to your utmost problems. These bring the comfort of a relaxing spa massage to your own home. Say goodbye to the pain in your joints and muscles. You can easily find these massager machines on the top e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay. Massager machines are a one-stop solution to all the issues, like back pain, neck pain, foot and leg pain. Massager machines are a boon for all of us, busy lives cause us neglect our body, which can cause some underlying health conditions which is something we are definitely not looking for, right?

Back massagers

Is your back giving you issues? Then there are a wide options of back massagers that you can choose from to help you get relief from those stiff muscles. Some options are:

1. Pillow-shaped Shiatsu massagers

2. Percussive massage guns

3. Long handled wand style massagers

4. Massage chair covers

3) Neck massagers

Neck pains can be really overwhelming sometimes, and at that point all we require is a good massage. You can consider a lot of neck massagers available in India according to your preference.

Some famous brands available are:

1. TENS cervical vertebra massager

2. Dr physio cushion massager pro

3. EQK ST 301 rechargeable neck and shoulder massager

You can get your hands on these and say adieu to your neck problems.

Face massagers

Must-have body massagers for a comfy living

Face massage helps in promoting healthy skin and relaxing face muscles. A good face massage will make your muscles relax and help you ease out. It’s almost similar to having a facial, but at the comfort of your home. And who would say no to that, right? Also it’s trending all over the world, gua sha stones are all ruling all over the internet. It helps you have a good blood circulation in your face, and make you look young and beautiful!

Some options for you are:

1. Yeamon 2-in-1 Face massager

2. Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

3. Skin Gym Face Sculptor

Get that blood circulation on your tensed face, and say hello to your healthy and glowing skin folks! These wrinkles don’t deserve you Hun!

Hand massagers

Due to underlying health conditions, a lot of us suffer from stiff muscles and pains, and to cure that, these hand massagers are a miraculous invention. These can appease your knuckles, fingers, and palm all at once, which is an excellent way for you to say bye bye to your hand pains.

Some top picks for you:

1. Lunix LX3 Electric Hand Massager

2. Comfier Cordless Hand Massager

3. Lure essentials finger and wrist acupressure massager

6) Head massager

What’s a better way to let go of your stress apart from a good oil head massage from your mom right? You can’t get the exact same experience as our childhood loved head massages but on a close note you can have a good head massage from these top choices of massagers:

1. AGARO Nano head body massager with vibration

2. FEGSY personal body massager

3. AZAH personal electric body Massager

Foot massager

Do you want to buy a good foot massager for yourself or for your parents, to get rid of the extreme pain in your feet? Then you are the right position, get yourself any one of these massagers and never complaint again!

1. AGARO 33158 Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager with Kneading Function

2. Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager, (With Heat and Vibration)

3. HealthSense Heal-Touch LM 310 Foot Massager Machine

Leg massagers

We are living in a busy world and to keep up with that we are just running, from morning to night, doing errands and working 9 to 5, leg pains are a predisposed in these situations. Just come home and relax with the help of your very own leg massagers. It’s an amazing invention and will help you forget about all the stress when you come back home! Some top picks:

1. Reach Leg, Calf & Foot Massager | Air Compression Leg Massager for Pain

2. AGARO Magma Air Compression Leg Massager with Handheld Controller, 3 Massage Mode

3. Robotouch Corded Electric Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Massage for Foot

Also Hypervolt plus cordless vibration massager is an incredible choice as this device helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. It is available at Amazon for a very affordable price. It is hassle-free to use and is a pretty amazing option for you to consider while looking for some good at home massagers.

Scalp massagers

Ignoring your scalp is a big no – no. Massaging your scalp can have major health benefits and help you relax and ease out as well. Who doesn’t love a good scalp massage right? Also, it’s advisable to use a scalp Massager while washing your hair, and including it in your hair care routine.

So here are some good options to end your search:

1. Bulfyss Hair Scalp Scrub Shampoo Brush Ultra Long Soft Silicone Bristles Exfoliating Ergonomic

2. Gadget Deals Three Head Manual Massager

3. Renesmee Handheld Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, Hair Washing Brush Silicone Head Body Massager

These are all the type of massagers you’ll ever need to help you in getting rid of those annoying stiff muscles and relax. You deserve all the relief after working so long. Gift some rest to your body & go conquer the world folks! Look stress free, young and beautiful!

Poorvi Singh
Poorvi Singh
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