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Ways to Create a Relaxing Environment at Home

What truly defines a home? The practical definition will always be a roof with walls containing a bed and bathroom. Many would call apartments, hotel rooms, or even the open sky their home. While that’s a home at its most basic, you know that it’s much more than just that. Perhaps, the less practical definition of a home is any space where you feel the most comfort.    

Building a living space that you can justifiably call home takes some deep thinking. How do you make your living space worth living in? If you’re looking for Dayton houses for sale, do you know exactly what you want to make it a relaxing space for you and your family? Listed below are some suggestions that you can use to create a relaxing home environment.

Declutter Your Space

     What’s the first thing you do when moving in? Unpack all of your belongings and get settled in. Sometimes you’ll find a place for your stuff, other times they pile on. Having too many things and feeling cluttered can make your space more stressful than you realize. Take the clutter out of your life! Sort out your loose items, and try to find places for them. Throw out anything you don’t need. You can also make some extra money by selling gently used items.

Find a Calming Color Scheme

     The color of a room can work wonders on your mood. Blues and greens are two common colors used in bedrooms to promote feelings of tranquility. Doing a complete paint job is common, but these colors can also be incorporated as wallpaper or similar accents. Avoid using vivid colors such as yellow and red on their own, as they can be aggressive and overwhelming. Vivid colors can be mixed with tranquil ones can be incorporated in the form of pillows or throw rugs. 

Bring Nature Inside

     Do you wish you had more time to spend relaxing outside? Incorporating nature into your life can make you feel invigorated. Keeping houseplants is a common, low-stress activity. With some containers and healthy potting soil, any garden orchid can be a houseplant. Basic examples like the snake and jade plants are small and easy to find. Some can be very ornate like Bonsai trees or even exotic fare like pitcher plants. There are also plenty of houseplants that require very little work.  

Separate Work & Play

     Are you using your rooms for their intended purposes? What separates one room from another is the business done inside it. Kitchens exist for cooking and bedrooms for sleeping. Although this might seem obvious, it’s important that you use each room for what it’s meant for. Designating rooms for specific functions can boost your concentration levels. If your job is highly technical, then set-up a home office where you keep your personal computer and equipment. Single out a spare room that allows you to unwind and entertain guests. 

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Create Positive Thoughts

 Sometimes, a picture on your wall is just a picture. Other times, it can evoke positive or negative memories. Photos, trinkets, and other objects displayed in your den are powerful in helping your frame of mind adjust to your environment. Try to examine which displayed items evoke negative thoughts and remove them. This gives you the chance to replace them with positive reminders of experiences you’ve had. Do this and your home and personal life will improve. 

Make a Comfortable Climate

Have you found that you sleep better in a cold room or feel more comfortable in mild temperatures? The basic method of improving your home’s mood is from adjusting your thermostat. Temperatures ranging between 68 to 70 degrees are comfortable enough for indoor climates. In the evenings, a slightly cooler temperature of 65 is perfect for restful sleep. Climate can also differ based on location, of course. Adjust to whatever temperature that’s best for you.

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Colby Scheineder
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