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20 handy tips to help you shop at IKEA

Bought your dream house? Or are you on your way to transform your old boring room completely into your Pinterest board? Well then let’s plan your next trip to IKEA India and here are 20 handy tips to make your visit trouble-free and smooth!

Interior denish ikea
Interior denish ikea

Have a mental picture of what you want

The first step itself is knowing what you exactly want. As there are unlimited options in the stores of IKEA India, you are just going to be as confused as Dora the explorer! So sit down, search your Pinterest boards, look up which furniture material you want.

Browse IKEA online to get a better idea

Are you a couch potato, but still want to get your own couch for your living room? Well, just go on IKEA online, and you’ll have a wide variety of all the furniture you want! The site interface is real smooth and in no time you can choose your own IKEA furniture. IKEA online shopping is an awesome choice for all the couch potatoes!

The measurements are important!

Go get your measuring tape and measure your space, have a rough measurement of all the furniture that you want to buy according to your room.

Keep in mind your color scheme

IKEA India stores has one of the most colorful furniture options available, as India is of course known for its vibrant aesthetics. So grab your color wheel and start spinning! Take a guess of what colors will look the best in your space.

One at a time

If you are decorating your whole space, don’t go all in once. Take your time and start off from one room, and then move ahead. IKEA India offer a wide range for you to choose, for your bedroom to your living room.

Prepare your shopping list

Young girl from behind pushing shopping cart at IKEA retail store
Young girl from behind pushing shopping cart at IKEA retail store

Write down all the stuff that you need to shop before stepping your foot for the trip to IKEA, as it’s going to be tiring, if you are not able to recognize what you need and what you don’t, or you’ll have to be ready to take at least 2-3 trips to figure out. You can even prep your shopping list on the IKEA India app. And then have a look even in the offline stores of  IKEA Mumbai, IKEA Bangalore & IKEA Hyderabad.

Set your budget

Furniture shopping can go heavy on the pocket, so make sure you do it right. Set a budget, and don’t go overboard. Setting a price range can help you eliminate and select the one you want. IKEA furniture comes in a wide range of pricing and that’s not going to be an issue for you!

Get your hands on IKEA family card

You can sign up for the IKEA family card, and get:

1. Guaranteed discounts

2. Early access to IKEA SALE

3. Special membership rewards and many more.

Easy access to IKEA offline stores

IKEA India have spread out there offline stores in the major cities of the country like:

1. IKEA Mumbai

2. IKEA Hyderabad

3. IKEA Bangalore

If you live in these cities or are planning to visit soon, do have a trip to these stores, and you won’t be disappointed!

IKEA India is not just about furniture!

Apart from furniture you can grab amazing deals on a variety of products ranging from cookware & tableware to textiles. You can have access to a lot of accessories to your taste, be it in the offline stores of IKEA Mumbai, IKEA Bangalore, IKEA Hyderabad or IKEA online. Just keep browsing till you find yours.

Keep an eye on the clearance sales

IKEA India have frequent clearance sales coming up, and discounts can go up to 50%. So what are you waiting for? Keep an eye on the clearance sales and get your dream IKEA furniture that too at a cheaper price!

IKEA India for a sustainable home

IKEA India has come up with this revolutionary idea of making homes more sustainable by adding water saving, energy saving, waste reducing, sustainable materials and furniture in their stores. You can go through there sustainable guide section and even select yours!

Changed your mind? Well no worries!

You can return or exchange within 60 days from the day of your purchase, be it from the offline stores of IKEA Mumbai, IKEA Bangalore, IKEA Hyderabad or IKEA online. If you don’t love it, just return it or exchange, that to hassle-free!

Search the IKEA near you!

Want to know where you can find your beautiful IKEA furniture? Just go ahead and take help of your browser and search in for the IKEA near you, and step in to your trip to IKEA.

The click & collect service

Want to save some extra ounces for the delivery charge? Well take advantage of the click and collect services available for the offline stores of IKEA Mumbai, IKEA Bangalore & IKEA Hyderabad. Shop online, opt for a pickup in-store and pick it up in a safe, contactless manner.

Take advantage of the planning tools available on the IKEA online application

If it’s difficult for you to visualize your perfect Pinterest space, take advantage of the planning tools available of IKEA online to bring your thoughts to reality. Create the perfect design for your kitchen, bedroom or your living area, spontaneously with little to no effort. Be creative, play around with colors and designs and create your dream space.

Download the IKEA India app

Get access to all the wide range of affordable furniture and accessories for your space. App is available for download for Android as well as iOS.

Check the stock

On the IKEA India app, you can check if your desired products are available in the stock or not for your store locations and order online.

Get inspired

You can go through the inspiration and idea section in the IKEA online site and get access to a lot of interesting ideas that weren’t in your mind before and even give them a try for yourself.

Explore the top sellers

Browse through the IKEA app and go on the top sellers section, and see what’s trending, get a better idea of what’s the in style and personalize it accordingly to your taste!

With these tips in mind, you won’t have too much trouble while looking for your dreamy furniture to decorate your space. Put of your comfy footwear, and go ahead on your search to IKEA India’s vibrant stores!

Bon voyage fellas!

Poorvi Singh
Poorvi Singh
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