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‘The Killjoys’! Do you believe it? Feminists like we have been tagged with that name. But, who cares! It is rather an inaccurate one for us, isn’t it?

The radical feminist buddies, I have been somewhat funny yet the finest persons around. But then, they sans the positive quality of joking, as they believe in gender equality. One really requires to sit back and ponder about this point! But, that’s not relevant for me, because I know how to have a good (quality) time. I tend to work (sort of) hard and believe in letting-my-hair-down harder! Partying alone is also not to a great deal for me. I have come up with 12 alternate ways of having the

The night begins with a Cuppa!

How about beginning the night with a jolt of caffeine, to get the engine roaring? You can always substitute the idea of having a cuppa, ranging from hot cocoa, or a bit Espresso, or else the weight –watchers have the option to sip-on Green Tea! A book in hand (a good one) or watching something sensible on TV, is not a bad option, what say?

Simply love yourself!

Try to get into the grind of the essences of Rihanna or The Knowles, just dab-on the red lip colour, with Smokey-eyed effect. Let the ‘inner-you’ come out! Others might smirk at you, but just keep calm and carry with your vibes, girl!

Wear what you want!

Just take out what you want from your closet, perk it up and don it rendering to your expertise. After all, it’s your choice, girl! And, if any individual takes the pain of demurring, just give two hoots to them. That IS the eventual Feminist act.

Dance the night out!

Dance the night out, with full energy, as if there is no tomorrow! Yes! That’s right. One must try to live life Queen Size, and shut their eyes with grooving music. Interesting, isn’t it? Try to be in the company of women, or listen to female musicians. They definitely will aid in incurring positive feels.

Be inspired and make others get inspired!

It is a great idea of being inspired and making others get inspired by the sweet, yet tender ingredients in the stick-on. Allow your lungs to inhale their thorough sweetness of wisdom. It can also be a good idea take get the notions of surviving from one of your female friend, who is trying to make her stand in the patriarchal society.  

Get Set, Go.

This is the time when the night truly begins. Just don your desired outfit, plump up your face with the little make-up over-do’s, and voila! You are ready to rock, girl! Cherry-pick your friends (sometimes foes too does the magic) and hit the nearest or farthest ‘happening’ pub!


How about the idea of hopping from one pub to the other. Yes, that’s right! This notion of keeping the night young, is not bad at all. Rather, it helps in adding the oomph factor, to your feminist attributes. This will help you attract more ‘think-alike’ and keep the night alive and kicking. So, go getta, girl!


Next on your hit-list should be the house-party. Throw at the party, as no one has seen before (but keeping all intelligible things)! Gather all your bum-chums, and engage with them into pep-talks over beer pitchers and fries! Edge the place with great music (good collective ones) and set the milieu with dim lights or aromatic candles, maybe. Engage into a ‘moral’ gossip in abundance.

Getting tired… but!

Get totally tired out of all activities, but do not forget to relish the flavour of cursing your inappropriate male co-workers! That really will aid in boosting up your energy.

Home Sweet Home’!

You talk about a ladies night out, but with feminist attributes? Nothing feels better, when you have, to a great extent, have accomplished all your desires and smoked all your grievances in the air, with a puff! Unlocking the door and walking into your own room and plopping on your warm and welcoming bed, ah bliss! Nothing can beat this feeling of achievement, until one has gone through all.

So, it is never too late. Gear up girl!

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