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Top 10 Underrated bands of India

Indian music industry has expanded magnificently through all these years. Many bands and artists are getting recognized and given the opportunities they deserved. But, it is still quite hard to survive as a musician in India without surrendering to mainstream Bollywood. There are still many talented bands in India who are extremely creative and keep experimenting with various music genres. However, they are still underrated and yet to get the spotlight. Check out Top 10 Underrated bands of India and feel their amazing music.


When Chai met Toast is an indie-pop alternative band based in Kochi, Kerala. The four-member boy band makes heartwarming, beautiful, cheerful music that will instantly put a smile on your face early morning. They take inspiration from the lighter side of life which has the power to make you “infectiously happy”. Check out their opening track Khoj (Passing by) from their latest EP Believe.


Strike three is a blues-rock band based in Mumbai. They experiment with various genres, but their music mostly ranges from pop to rock with a little bit of jazz. Their melodious, energetic and groovy music is bound to make you bop your head with the intense feels. Listen to the new version of their old single Perfect Foolish Woman from their debut EP Essentia.

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Minute of Decay is a pop rock band formed by three sisters based in Manipur. They have the power to make you tap your feet rhythmically with their funky, energetic pop music. Their amazing vocals along with simple classic tunes is blistering and amazing. Check out the opening track of their debut EP Finding Betsy.


Boombay Djembe Folas is a West-African drumming group based in Mumbai, led by Anand Bhagat. They are one of the pioneer group of drummers in India. Known for playing traditional rhythms from West Africa, they never fail to create an exciting and lively atmosphere.


Mad Orange Fireworks is an Alternate rock band based in Bangalore. They characterize their genre as “orange rock”, rock music with a little influences of jazz, blues, funk and pop. Check out their dynamic song  Shaking my Ground from their album Under the Orange Sky.


This Indie pop collective are well known for their story-centric, melodious and soulful songs. Their music gives you an amazing feeling of drowning slowly and gradually into a beautiful wasteland. A new feeling of escapism in your own dream world. Heal yourself through the soothing track Dream to Keep us Going from their debut album As Written in the Stars.


Yesterdrive is an Indie/Alternative rock band from Arunachal Pradesh, based in Delhi. They are greatly influenced from the post punk favourites such as “The Cures”, “The Ramones” and “The Band of Horses”. Start listening to them and you will wonder if they can actually make any bad song!


Black Letters is an Indie Alternative rock band based in Bengaluru. Their songs are not only a beautiful combo of alternative indie but, also a bit of Blues. Their upbeat songs are mostly creative and have lots of tone variations. Check out their debut single, Falter.


Chronic Xorn is a metal band based in Kolkata. They are the first metal band of India who have released an album from a commercial record label. Moreover, they have bben rewarded often with the title of one of the finest metal bands of India. If you are interested in metal rock, listen to their first single Bleeding from their debut album From Mercy.


Fiddler’s Green is an acoustic world folk jam band based in Kolkata. They are known for blending various genres of folk music including rare and popular traditions from all around the world. Their music has the power to make you high anywhere anytime with their unique journey of different folklore.

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