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There is always a truffle and a sign of hatred when the word transgender clings into our ears. Our society has always given recognition to male and female sex origin while the transgenders have remained far away from the mainstream society. They are forced to live a life full of hollowness and darkness. What can be worst than mourning over your own birth? The society never fails to give them the tag of cursed, downtrodden, shabby people making their life pitiful and devastating.

Who Are Transgenders?

Transgenders are normal people like us apart from the fact that they transform to a different gender from the sex they were during birth.A man transforming to a woman is called a trans woman. Similarly, a woman transforming into a man is called as the trans man.This type of astounding variation is not self-created but it is uprooted and inherited since birth.

On a fine day, they start accepting who they are and the changes as well. When they are ready to accept themselves, the society never leaves them; therefore transgender starts to confront a great deal of disgrace and affront. People find it hard to connect to them and their tale of drudgery starts thereafter. They are suppressed, molested and are forced to live a life of isolation.

The Issues A Transgender Faces 

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  • There are whole lots of issues that a transgender has to face. The first and foremost problem is the curse of social isolation.As soon as they start accepting themselves the society showers it’s hatred and agony on them making their existence vulnerable.
  • They do not get work in the mainstream workplace and thus are forced to earn their livelihood by engaging in low non-dignified work atmosphere. They sometimes have to beg and enter into prostitution to earn money.
  • Sometimes cases of molestation and violence are also reported against them. They are given ugly names and are often abused physically.
  • In search of completing the transition, few transgenders take hormone pills without the advice of medical practitioners. This develops a great health issue in the future.
  • Some transgenders are not able to take the mental torture and hence they undergo penectomy done by unqualified doctors which is life threatening.
  • There is no recognition for them in the society they live. Not even proper toilet facilities they get. They change to a feminine gender and still are made to walk into a men’s toilet.

Nirvan Surgery 

This is the most painful surgery that a transgender goes through to grow progressively a lady like body. The most distressing fact about this surgery is that it is performed without anesthesia. It involves the expulsion of penis and testicles which eliminate the testosterone – producing glands and helps them in achieving womanly features slowly.This is a life-threatening surgery. In other words, it is called as Sex Re-assignment Surgery. The transgenders opt for this type of life threatening surgery because they want an identity of their own and a place of respect in the society.

Some Successful Transgenders

In spite of the dark, pathetic life the transgenders have to lead there are some of them who have been able to build a notable place in this society –

  • Madhu Bai Kinnar: Mayor, Chhattisgarh
  • Kalki Subramaniam: Entrepreneur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Padmini Prakash: News Anchor, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Bharathi: Pastor, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Rose Venkatesan: Talk Show Host, RJ, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
    Transgenders have to lead a life of agony and distress just because we discard them from being a part of the mainstream society.Their everlasting struggle to prove their identity can only be over if would consider them as part of our existence. It is high time that we need to start socializing with them and give them the place they deserve.Create a nation of equality and sovereignty away from the prejudices.



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