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Get Your Certbolt Associate-Level Certification by Completing Cisco 200-901 DEVASC Exam with Practice Tests

Those specialists who plan to obtain the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification can do it by taking the Certbolt 200-901: DevNet Associate (DEVASC) test. With the help of this exam, they can prove their proficiency and competence in automation and programmability, network access, network fundamentals, IP services, IP connectivity, and security fundamentals. To ace the test, the professionals need to get familiar with its important details. Let’s check them.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The Certbolt 200-901 DEVASC exam does not have any official prerequisites. At the same time, the individuals should have the relevant skills in automation, software, and programmability. Moreover, they need to possess no less than 1 year of practical experience with software development. The intended audience for this certification test is System Integration Programmers, Network Designers, Network Automation Engineers, and Infrastructure Architects, among others.

Exam Overview

Cisco CCNA Practice Test 200-301 is a timed and proctored test delivered in a secured environment. The exam has the time frame of 2 hours and is given in the Japanese and English languages. The regular fee is $300. The individuals can take it at any center across the globe or online from the comfort of their houses and offices.

This Cisco exam assesses the skills of the specialists in various subject areas. They include:

  • Software Development and Design
  • Understanding and Utilizing APIs
  • Application Deployment and Security
  • Cisco Platforms
  • Infrastructure and Automation
  • Network Fundamentals

The applicants can get acquainted with these domains closer by exploring the exam blueprint. They may find it on the official webpage.

Preparation Ways

It is pretty important to select the relevant tools for your study process. With it, you can effectively prepare for this test. You may find a range of preparation options on the Cisco website. For example, you can consider the official training course, Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Certification Exam Core Platforms. It focuses on implementing network apps utilizing Cisco platforms as a ground. Moreover, it covers applying automation workflows in collaboration, security, network, and computing infrastructures. In addition, the course can give you practical experience in resolving the real-world issues utilizing various contemporary development tools.

On the other hand, if you like to control the pace and duration of the whole process, you can utilize various self-preparation options. For instance, exam dumps and practice tests are quite helpful resources for preparation. The individuals can utilize them to get acquainted with the domains and question patterns of Cisco 200-901.

Final Thoughts

200-901 DEVASC is a quite difficult test that requires thorough preparation. First of all, get conversant with its topics by utilizing the exam blueprint. It may help you find out your strong and weak points. After that, you can choose the appropriate preparation way. It may be the official training course or various self-preparation tools. In addition, you can consider using practice tests and exam dumps. When you are done with your preparation phase, you can finally try to nail the 200-901 test and obtain the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification.


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