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Get Up And Fight

She stares at the mirror- mascara running down her face, hairs must not have seen a comb in ages, same clothes since two days, swollen eyes, shrunken face and well, a broken heart. She stares at the ghastly image of hers. She realized what a mess she is- inside and out. She cries harder. She is tired of fighting.

Get Up And Fight

Her phone beeped. Messages and missed calls go unchecked since two days. But today she decides to check her phone. She goes through her log. Missed calls from mom, dad, best friends, college mates, ex-roommate, school mates, brother and Oh! the never ending list. Checks the inbox, and finds her father’s message at the very top. It read: “Beta you haven’t talked to us in 2 days. Is everything okay? Well I know everything is. You are my strong girl. I know you must be busy. Mom is too worried. I keep telling her not to because our daughter is busy making us proud. I love you beta.”

Two big drops of tears land on the mobile screen. She put her phone down. Looked at the mirror again, ran to the bathroom, had a nice shower, put on new clothes, combed her hair, put some make up on, went out and ate till she couldn’t force another bite down her throat, came back, and texted her father : ‘Dad, I’m alright. I’m grand. Yes I’ve been busy, had to make some tough decisions. Your girl is going to make you proud. I love you both. I’ll call soon.’

12 years later, she brings her parents to the screening of the movie based on her first ever bestseller, in a car that she gifted her father, and her mother stealing the spotlight with the beautiful silk saree and the diamond jewelry gifted by her daughter, and her little brother with a proud smile on his face.

Get Up And Fight

You fall, you get hurt, you’re betrayed, you’re pushed down and further down. You get up, you rise and you fall again. Then you stand up again and you fight, again. Who told you life was going to be that easy? Who told you would face the sufferings just one time? No. It won’t end and you cannot give up either. There are some choices, some paths which are greater, more difficult and never easy. It’s all about the choice that you make. You can choose to end it once and for all, because you’re so darn weak. Or you can choose to keep fighting till you know you have deserved to get what you’ve always wanted. But besides that, what you need to understand is, it is not about you every time. Fight for the ones who do not deserve to see you quit. Fight for those who never knew when to stop loving you. Fight for the ones who never thought they must have done enough for you and that they don’t have to anymore. And also, fight for the ones, who never believed in you. Because the reward of choosing to fight, would be everything you must have ever wanted from life.



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