Birthday gift

I was six years old when i was sent here. I don’t know why i was sent here. But i remember the day very clearly. It was my birthday, the most awaited day of whole year. I turned six. It was the day I got this gift. The gift which today is the only possession of my own. I got it from the two most important persons of my life, my parents. Being only a six year old kid I consider it to be the worst gift of my life. I was send to place I do not know anything with the person I do not know the name even. But they choose it as my birthday gift was the biggest question my life. Like every normal child I tried to know but all in vain. The real truth of my life is I still do not know. Later did I realised what has happened with me. I was sent to a fully furnished 2 bed room apartment to live all alone forever. The lady who accompanied me, I consider her my aunt until I realise she is even a myth in my life.

It was my birthday when I first reached there. I guess that was the most exciting journey of my life for the whole way I was dreaming of a biggest surprise I was going to get. Being a normal innocent child I was also expecting a general surprise party with lots of gift. But honestly that was the last time I dreamt of something good. As soon as I entered the place I ran to each and every corner of it looking for my surprise but got nothing. The lady consoled me to wait for some time and being tired from my happiest journey I slept. That was the most calm sleep I ever had after coming here. I slept with a hope for a real good morning instead of a virtual one. But to my hard luck I got nothing neither real nor virtual.

It was my first day here when I got to know everything. I had always noticed a certain difference in my parent’s behaviour with me comparing to other parents with their kids. But I never bothered about it, I always use to think it could be because of my shy nature. I am an introvert since childhood. But I have always thought being introvert is my strength for I can listen to peoples very calmly. It was that day only I was proved wrong. But my that birthday had changed my life forever. I was just a kid that time who being normal want to go to school, make friends, want to share each minute detail if my day with my parents but all these things turned out to be a just dream for me. With each passing day I tried my best to contact my parents, sent numerous letters to them, called n times in a day just to get the answer of a single question.

But the things were far beyond my reach. Each thing with me was not just awkward but weird as well. I was just made to stay away from them means in any case I should not be in contact with them- My Parents. I was admitted to quite good school. I was provided the proper education I could ask for. I had all the materialistic things I could ask for but the kid at age of six need affection, care which was no where to be seen. I was seven only when I had learnt to do almost each chore of mine, myself. Starting from getting ready to school followed by packing my tiffen accompanied by washing my own dishes for all three time meal and finally ended by accepting the reality of my life. The lady who accompanied me handled all my emotions, my late night crying to my morning sadness. She was the one who did her best to help me.

dreamingThe time passed with its pace but my emotions were still stuck at my place. With each passing day I missed my home my parents everyone out there much more but it was of no use. For I was not at all missed there. Four years passed on like this but there was no sign of my family no phone call no letter nothing. Every year the worst day of my life come(my birthday) and went off like every another day. Then came another worst day of my life. My only hope my aunt left off. The girl just 10 years old was left all alone in a big two bed room apartment. Those were the most fearful nights. I could always feel somebody is noticing me, following me and cursing me all the time. Every time I close my eyes I feel like somebody is lying near me sometimes on me. Those were the most dread moments of my life. These went for an year

Due to all my fear and anxiety i was completely lost at my academics but since most of the teachers know my background none of them bothered much about me. But as it is said there’s always the light behind darkness, I finally got the light of my life. A lady from my neighbour step up to help me. She was my teacher as well. She once called me home and asked everything about me. After so many years I heard a loved voice. She gave me so much affection and love within an hour that I had no hope of recieving ever. She had so many questions but I had just one answer “I don’t know” for that is the truth of my life, I actually don’t know. But that day I really got my only hope I ever could wish for. She had a son and a daughter a lovely family and they all accepted me like their own. I still had to sleep alone in my apartment but that fear of being alone has now gone forever. Her love and affection has strengthened me. They have taught me importance of life, a life which is a most valuable thing we have which we all should live to the fullest. I scored well afterward and completed my education the way I have always dreamt of.

Now I live much better life than expected. I am a teacher now and the most favorite person of all my neighbours for I am the teacher of their children. I not only teach the my neighbour’s children but also their servant’s children. All of them know everything about me and treat me as their family. Its been 18 years now I am living here. I was six and now I am 24. Many things have changed in these 18 years. I have completely given up on my family. For the truth is that yes I do not have any of my blood relations but I have all the relations which are much more than the so called blood relations for me. They have always supported me helped me and most important believed in me. It is not that I have no respect left for my parents, they are still my possession. It is because of them only I got so many beautiful peoples in my life. I am really thankful to them for sending me here because of them only I am able to overcome the most dreadful pain of life “being alone”. Now I celebrate my birthdays as well for as I said I have learnt the importance of life. But I still don’t know why I was sent here. Honestly I have no expectations from my family but I do hope to get to know this reason once in my lifetime.

A simple life quote to follow:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment”.

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