Fat is NOT EVIL!



    Have you been body shamed time and again? Do you feel bad about your body not because you don’t like it but because the society has made you hate your body? Do you feel bad about yourself when you are constantly reminded by people around you that you don’t match the definition of ‘being beautiful’ that has been established by the society? Do you feel nobody likes you because of your weight and the mere thought of ending up alone or turning into a spinster makes you go hard on yourself? Do you feel that when people call you ‘fat’, it is no longer used as a descriptive word but rather as a belittling diction that makes you hate your own self? Then this poem, is a must read for you.


    When being called fat no longer remains mere description.
    When the word transforms into a belittling diction.
    When you can either be fat or beautiful.
    When a glance in the mirror becomes dreadful.
    When numbers hover around your mind incessantly.
    When consuming your favorite cupcake makes you guilty.
    When starvation doesn’t scare you but being full does.
    When every bite makes you squeal a curse.
    When you rely on only liquids to cease the growling of your stomach.
    When abjuring the sight of food causes much trouble.
    Ask all those who shame your body.
    How many bites are too much?
    How much waist size makes me plump?
    How much space am I allowed to occupy?
    How many comments am I supposed to deny?
    And then,embrace.
    Embrace your body the way it is.
    Don’t let the comments of people terrify you.
    There is nothing wrong in being a pioneer to break this taboo.
    Wear a bikini if it gives you delight.
    Gnaw at your favorite cupcakes from seven to nine.
    Post pictures on facebook without editing them.
    It’s high time that you stopped hiding in your den.
    And remember.
    Remember that fat is not evil and your body is surely not an apology.





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