7 things that Muslims do in RAMADAN



Happiness is when Ramadan is very near. Every Muslim household prepares for it with great enthusiasm and dedication. Ramadan is the 9th month of Muslim calendar and all the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during this month, i.e. for 30 days. There are certain things that are especially taken care of, during Ramadan.  For all those who want to know what happens during Ramdan can go through the given 7 things done during

boy eating during ramadan
Boy eating during ramadan

Ramadan in the list:

  • FASTING: It is the most important part. Every Muslim should fast from dawn to dusk, during Ramadan. Children, sick, old people and pregnant women are exempted from fasting. To your question, “Do you eat nothing at all?! And don’t even drink water?” The answer is, “Yes. We do not eat or drink anything at all during fasting.”
  • PRAYER: Offering the five time namaz is not enough during Ramadan. There is a special namaz, the Tarawih, after the Isha’ namaz.  One must try to try to offer that punctually too. Also, read Quran as much as possible and keep remembering Allah (S.W.T.) throughout.
  • ABSTINENCE FROM SIN: Everyone is required to keep abstinence from sins all the time but if you have not done that, Ramadan is the best time to start. Ramadan proves to be a turning point for a lot of people. If someone tries to change during Ramdan, others must support and not mock.
  • DUA: Make as much dua as possible because ALLAH (S.W.T) has asked us to pray to him for whatever we want. HE is the provider, indeed. Prayer is powerful and Allah works on our dua. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want but maybe it is because Allah has better plans for us. So, have patience and keep asking Allah. A fasting person’s dua is always accepted in one form or the other. Before Iftaar, make it a point to make dua. It is one of the best time for dua.
  • GOOD DEED: You never know which good deed can be your ticket to Jannah. so, Keep doing the good work throughout Ramadan. Make za’kaat, help the needy, help those who are fasting, help your mother at home. Do whatever is sunnah and have good intentions about it. Although, remember not to boast about whatever you do. Let Allah see what you did, not everyone else.
  • SUHOOR: Do Suhoor because there is blessing in Suhoor. Try not to skip Suhoor. It helps you perform better during the day in prayers and other works.
  • IFTAAR: Break your fast with Iftaar at dusk. Better to start with a date or water. Make dua before Iftaar, for a fasting person’s dua is accepted readily. Have a light iftaar. It won’t keep you lazy after Iftaar.

Get ready for Ramadan now and keep these 7 things in mind. There are lot more

but the most important ones are listed. Let us know about more if you want to.

Insa’allah, have a great time. Ramadan Mubarak!