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Mahabharat – What the epic teaches us

We all know about the great epic Mahabharat. We have either seen this epic on Television or read this epic. Most of...

Fashion and shopping are the two biggest things a girl loves! But high- rates brands are not always the solution, as those price tags are not always familiar to our wallets. These price tags are not so friendly in nature. But as soon as you enter in Sarojini Nagar, located in New Delhi, this place has an every woman’s one stop solution to all their fashion and style.Most popular among girls finds it the best place to buy clothes. These clothes are basically rejected pieces, by which I mean, a thread hangs loose or a button is missing from top brands such as Burberry, Zara, Mango, Diesel and much more at 1//4th the price.

2For instance, you could easily purchase a guess top at approximately 250 Rs! Having said this, you should also know that everything is not original; some could be imitation although they all contains the brand tag.

5From clothes to footwears to hair accessories and even beauty products, there’s everything that you will find in this fashion maze of a market! Knowing your path around Sarojini is not momentous since it really depicts a maze, and so it’s better to be with someone who knows the streets well and also who is familiar with the local language well, or else you may get lost in that maze.

53442746To survive an entire day in Sarojini, one will need a lot of grit and determination, owing to thousands of people walking back and forth, trying to find the best deal among everything. These may include jewel junkies and random lime water or chaat walas trying to refresh you.

Sarojini is personally every girl’s choice. Yes, the weather may disturb you at times but it is 100% worth it! Any local will tell you the exact lane and the shop number to visit and also name the exact thing that you can buy from there. On a whole, Sarojini Nagar becomes as an adventure place.

jewelryDiscovering new shops, pop-up shops, hidden vendors in tucked away corners- that’s what creates a fun and shopping experience! Spending a day at Sarojini will guarantee you the latest trends in fashion at reasonable prices! Your bargaining game should be on a tip. A person, good in bargaining can buy 20-25 items in less than 3000Rs. One can never leave this place without buying any stuff. Finding your way, to different styles, and the trendiest of fashion is so much of fun! Take a day with your besties, and explore the hits of Sarojini Nagar for some quality shopping and unbelievable purchases. Trust me, it’s literally a fashion paradise.

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Mahabharat – What the epic teaches us

We all know about the great epic Mahabharat. We have either seen this epic on Television or read this epic. Most of...

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