stock photo lonely woman watching sunset alone in winter on the beach at sunset

We all are little broken,

 And waiting for the one to come and fix all the broken part.

Strange but true…

The worst feeling comes when,

 You don’t know whether to wait or to forget.

Strange but true

We always end up forgiving the one who wasn’t even sorry.

No matter what we love them more than our Ego.

Strange but true…

 How hard we tired we are always faking it because,

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you actually feel.

Strange but true…

Being lonely can make you easily fall for the very first person,

Who shows you that you are not alone.

Strange but true…

We always want to become someone’s favorite  Hello,

And hardest goodbye.

Strange but true…

There is always a triangle in every love story

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

Strange but true…

One song is enough to bring a flood of all those memories which took a million days to get flushed off.

Strange but true…

Sometimes we are so messed up that even our heart and brain cannot conclude on a similar solution.

Strange but true…

We always miss someone in all good and bad times,

And hope they miss us too.

Strange but true…

We all are little Selfish when it come to ourselves,

The fact is who is less.

Strange but true…isn’t?



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