The Sturdy Pekingese

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    So how have you been? Yeah, I know. I know right. Not a day can go wrong when you’re with that poodle puff of yours. However the day might have been, those silky furs and glassy eyes keep it’s self-promise too well. It has its way through you.

    For this write-up, I decided to settle on one of the prettiest dog breeds on planet Earth. Yeah! You must be known to it already – Pekingese.

    Tracing Their Origin

    imagesThe origin of the Pekingese can be as long as 2000 years ago in the land of Western China, fondly called Peke – a cute nickname, isn’t it? They are also known as Lion Dogs for their close resemblance to the Guardian Lions of China. They used to accompany Buddhist monks. Also were they famous among the royalties both as lap and companion dogs? Unlike the Lhasa Apsos, the features of the breed have changed a great deal considering the level of their desirability and also the problems regarded.

    Let Us Take A Look At Their Characteristics

    pekingesef5If you decide on having a Pekingese as your family member, be ready for a rollercoaster ride of your life. The breed is a perfect companion dog since the ancient times. People living in an apartment can easily adopt a Pekingese. They are extremely bold and has a mind of their own. Pekingese are one of the most independent of toy dogs. They can adopt two personalities in that tiny body of it. Calm and quiet within the house and energy bursts when taken out for exercise. Having a strong personality in the household is very important to have the pup in limits. They are fairly trainable and tend to be obedient with the people within the household. Being very repulsive towards harsh treatment or mishandling, Pekingese are not the apt breed to possess with toddlers around. Pekes are sensitive to rudeness and sudden disturbances. So it is very important for the pet parents to keep their needs in mind to avoid any sort of aggression from the pup. If trained and socialized properly, Pekingese can be very animal-friendly. They do possess a regal dignity which reigns most of the personality of the dog. They are braver than their looks portray, very confident and self-aware.

    Taking Care Of Pekes

    images-1Though Pekingese are excellent apartment dogs, they do need exercise regularly. A walk down the road or a proper exercise session on the terrace every day will keep the dog healthy. Pekingese shed a lot so grooming them is a mandate. Brushing them every day is very important, putting special importance at their buttocks as they are prone to soiling. As Pekes are muscular dogs, they should have a good nutritional diet. Do not over weight your pup, but! Trimming the fur can be productive which will demand less attention. Keeping them in an air-conditioned environment will help the dog cope better with heat as they are self-consumed by the heat of their coat. They are also prone to heat strokes. With age, Pekingese tend to develop a lot of potential health problems which are mainly orthopedic due to their unique body structure. Thus, staying in touch with good vet doctors are important with a Peke in the house. They also do develop cataract with growing age and some other nervous disorders. But overall, Pekingese are very loyal with a natural protective instinct towards their own kingdom. And with that much volume of fur coverage, they make fantastic cuddles.

    Thus, I would like to make a stop here.

    As my message always go – Take good care of yourself and definitely of that furry ball of love who won’t even dare imagine a life without you. At the end of the day, all it wants is your lovey-dovey cuddle to help it get a proper morn the next day. Don’t let it miss upon its “life”.

    Toodles. 🙂

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