Flowers Fashion is always considered the important part of our life. It has been following from the ancient time, as time passed by, the fashion trends changed. In the olden times, fashion was regarded as the possession for the high class people who party every day. But, as time and thinking of people have changed, the view about fashion also changed.

In today’s world fashion is accepted by people of all class and culture. Fashion is a word, which is recognized by all people of the society. India being a country of various culture and tradition has also accepted fashion in its own way. Fashion designers work hard to fulfill the wish of all people from various backgrounds.

Why fashion is important?

FASCINATING LOOK OF FASHIONFashion and style differ depending on several factors, including culture and traditions. Nearly every culture and religion has its own style of dress which sets it apart from others. Fashion plays an important role in establishing identity, beliefs and thoughts throughout the world.

Fashion also enables people to display personality and personal preferences. It allows people to show off not only dressing style, but provides an opportunity to set trends. Feeling comfortable in certain clothing or fashion pieces also helps to boost confidence and self-esteem, so fashion has a large influence on society in most areas of the world, and trends are usually established through advertising.

Social Role of Fashion

What is the importance of fashion for social life and what role does it play in society? The question is important as we find people often victims of fashion. Fashion promises no utility; it makes no appeal to reason and being a fugitive and transitory deviation has little effect on the major trends of social change yet it has a strong hold over the people. Fashion satisfies two strong demands of social man- the demand for novelty and the demand for conformity. It turns the desire for novelty into social practice and makes novelty the right and proper thing for the group. It is human nature to aspire for distinction. Man does not love by security alone. He yearns for something new for variety and novelty. Fashion satisfies this desire and also succeeds in accommodating this desire to the rule of conformity. Thus fashion satisfies some important desires of man whose satisfaction is necessary for his living in society.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fashion

Fashion facilitates social change by providing a transitional stage from one custom to another. It tends to modify the rigidity of custom and the belief in its importance. It prepares the mind for a change so that people may not feel a jerk on changing to customs. Maclver writes, “Fashion plays at the surface where resistance is least responding to the social whim of the moment, discovers on this level a compensation for the restraints of custom and habit and routine of life. Through its passing conformities it helps to bridge the greater transitions of the process of social change. Fashion radiates generally from the higher class people the so called prestige owning people. Some film star or a leader sets in motion a new style in dress or recreation which is later picked up by other people. This enhances the prestige of the upper classes and those imitating them.


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