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Failure story of a STUDENT

Stressed out student in hallway of school building.

Life is a precious gift given by God. We cannot call it a gift because he takes it back without our permission. We don’t know when we are going to die so without bothering about that knowing the essence of life we need to enjoy every second of it.

Problems are common in life though it is big or small one need to face them boldly. Many of them like a problem free life but remember without problems becomes unfulfilled. Let see a failure to success stories of students.

One cannot experience success alone in his life. Success will teach us nothing new in our life. The failure does it. Without carving stone will not become a sculpture without burning gold will not glitter. One can feel the taste of success only if he fails. Repeated failures may make you lose your self-confidence. But don’t make your mind do that. Realize what is right and what is wrong, gets rather what did you lose. Many people instead of doing get disappointed and commit suicide.

Suicide concept., Depressed young man looking down at his shoe and contemplating suicide., On the edge of a high bridge with forest below.

Why should anyone commit suicide?

These days it became very common for a person to commit suicide, especially youth. These days it became very common for a person to commit suicide, especially youth. Reasons may seem silly to us but the person who commits suicide might have undergone such extreme conditions that he cannot bear his life at that movement. Reasons commonly why students commit suicide are confusion

worries about themselves, sexual and domestic abuse, bullying and peer pressure, love failure etc…,

An unsuccessful story

Here is the story of a student who committed suicide, I wouldn’t like to mention his name let us see what made him to do so.

He is a poor student. His father and mother used to work for daily wages. Until his plus 2, he used to work hard and got seat in an engineering college nearby. He paid the college fees through scholarship. He made many friends in college. Some of them became his best. This book worm scored top marks in college and gathered the attention of many persons and some even felt jealous of him .

After a few days, a beautiful girl with a very convincing eye and a deceiving smile came towards him and proposed him. She is such beautiful that he immediately accepted her love. Thinking that it’s a true love he spent day and night with her  and slowly neglected his studies. In spite of his poverty, he used to carry many gifts for her.  Many of his friends told him that she trapped him and her love is not true but he didn’t listen to them. His love for her even made him lose his friends. He made new friends who are always in a kick of alcohol and drugs. Thinking that she is his life he wasted two years. All these consequences ruined his education. Don’t know what happened the girl started avoiding him. One day he found his girlfriend with another person he went towards her and asked “is he your brother?”. She slapped him and said “ how dare you to call my boyfriend as my brother “and went away.

He called her many times and texted her but no reply. Finally, in the college, she told him that she didn’t really love him but just used him to make her lover jealous. Then he realized why his friends told to leave her. Every single company refused to take him as he didn’t pass his exams. He lost his friends, he lost his career, he was deceived by his girlfriend. Failure after failure made him mentally weak.

He found nothing when he looked back into his life. He got addicted to drinking and drugs. He was unable to recollect himself. The only thing he thought to do is to put an end to his life. He did it. He put some amount of drugs and waited for God to take his soul away.

Where did he go wrong?

Attractions are common in this age one should know the difference between true love and false love. Good friends will never try to deceive us listen to them. The person didn’t do the above two. Instead, he put a full stop to his life. He forgot about his parents. This is not correct if there is no education, no job, will there be no life many uneducated people stood as role models for us and a lot of educated people are working under them. Putting an end to our life doesn’t make sense. Finally, remember one thing “life is what you make it”. Try to be successful don’t take a step back in that attempt. Committing suicide is a sin. If you are not able to live for yourself live for others and make your life a meaningful one.


  1. My name is Naomi Hutson, I was the type of girl that wouldn’t ask many question because i’m afraid I might say something dumb. I did all my work, i study and attend my classes .In many classes and wouldn’t talk so much, but I answer when I was called. I am a good kid. But in this term I will Study more and achieve my Goal.

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