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Evil Rulers of the World

Evil Rulers of the World
Now in this evil world, it is really very difficult to make out who is the most evil. In this list, we will have a look at the most evil ruler since the beginning till today. It is going to be the most interesting list.

Robert Mugabe- When people of Zimbabwe elected him as his president, they didn’t know that it will be worst decision of their lives. Robert who was an elected president, now comes under the ‘worst dictator’ of the world. He did not let the elections takes place twice simply because he didn’t wanted anyone else to be the President. He has now clearly refused to leave the post of President as this gives him the power to rule. Since the day he has been elected as the President, he is torturing the people of Zimbabwe, so that no one can stand against him.

Bashar Al Assad- He is the president of Syria and he is considered as the most dangerous leader in the world. He could win the election of 2011, because he killed all those members who were standing in the elections for the same post. Since he became the president, Syria has been going through the worst phase. He has deprived the citizens of their minimal human rights and not only this, but he uses the military force on the citizens of Syria. He kills anyone whom he feels like and this is how he is ruling Syria since last 4 years.

Omar Al Bashir- He is the president of Sudan and for this he had his major campaigning being done in Darfur, which is the most populated region of Sudan. During his campaigning, he has used all the bad means he could and as a result, he was the elected president. But this was not the end. The record says that during his campaign in Darfur, 2.7 million are missing. No one knows where they have gone. People can’t accuse him directly, but they know that it is his crime only. He is also the leader of National Congress Party in India.

George H.W. Bush- He was elected as the 41th president of United States of America. He was the worst ruler of the world, as during his rule, U.S. faced the worst phase. The economy of the country had to go through worst times and he did nothing, absolutely nothing to improve it. He let people of U.S. suffer and he simply enjoyed watching it. He has been very similar to his ancestors who have rules the US in the same manner as he did. He also met his sad end when he was thrown out of his position for his deeds.


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