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Best Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview

Attending a job interview is rarely pleasant and tends to leave most people feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. From researching the company to rehearsing answers to possible questions and scrubbing up on your industry knowledge, there’s a lot to think about in the lead-up to an interview. 

Whilst it’s imperative that you get your facts right and show that you’re done your homework, one of the biggest stresses people feel when it comes to attending a job interview stems from not knowing what to wear. You only get one chance at a first impression, so if you turn up not looking your best or wearing an outfit that the interviewer deems unacceptable, it will be very hard to come back from it later on in the process. 

So, with this in mind, you need to dress to impress, but how do you do that? We’ve put together some top outfit tips to help alleviate the pressures associated with dressing for a job interview. 

1. Never dress casually 

The first tip we have is that you should never dress casually. This is where a lot of candidates go wrong because they assume even though a company has a casual dress-code, they can turn up to the interview in jeans and a t-shirt. This might be appropriate when you actually get there, but at the interview stage, you want to show them that you care about this role and that you are keen to put your best foot forwards. 

If in doubt, go smart-casual. For women, a tea dress, tailored trousers and plain white t-shirt, or a plain t-shirt dress with a smart blazer over the top are good middle-ground outfits. For men, fitted trousers with a shirt is always a winning combination, but you may choose to add a knitted jumper over the top to dress it down slightly. Just remember to pull your collar out!

2. Think about shoes 

It’s not just the clothes that make an outfit; your shoes can have a massive impact and can even make or break your entire ensemble. Generally speaking, never wear trainers or sandals, keep your toes covered, avoid casual boots (think Dr. Martens), and make sure the shoes you do choose to wear are in pristine condition with no scuffs or holes. 

3. Keep accessories to a minimum 

You might be a fan of endless stacking rings and huge statement earrings, but there’s a time and a place, and a job interview is neither. For women, try and stick to dainty earrings, a minimalistic necklace, and very few rings (one per hand). Try and make sure all your jewelry looks professional and matches – nothing offensive! 

For the males, one or two men’s leather bracelets are favorable over endless bangles stacked up your arms. In addition, try and keep your necklace hidden and avoid things like bold signet rings as these may distract the interviewer. 

4. Make sure you’re well groomed 

Our final but arguably most important tip is to make sure you’re well groomed. Make sure your hair is looking good and is styled properly, take care with your makeup, and avoid things like patchy fake tan. Another tip is to make sure you’re freshly showered and smell good. 

If you turn up looking worse for wear or not bothering to freshen up beforehand, it may give off the impression that you don’t care about yourself, and if this is the case, will you care about your work if you’re given the job?


We hope these dressing tips help you look your best and make a great first impression during your job interview. Good luck! 


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